Monday, December 21, 2009

Coffee, Chocolate and Blogging.

Dreadfully blustery snowy day out there. Eli's napping, I'm in my pj's, so chocolate cake from yesterday, a cup of hot coffee and blogging was in order.

Lovely weekend overall! Most pleased with how it turned out. Cory working Saturday was a bummer of course, but as it turns out he didn't have to work on Sunday. Hallelujah! While he was at work Saturday I went over to the Myers' to help pick out a Christmas tree. Holly and three boys, Dallas and four kids, me and Eli trekked back into the woods behind the parsonage to find trees for Myers and Mckinneys. We of course, had already picked out our tree. Out of the closet. Holly had bought me a baby sled for Eli a few weeks ago, so I was excited to try it out. He's not THAT good at holding his head up yet that he could sit up, so I laid him down in it. I had put two snowsuits on him, one inside the other, and a warm hat, then laid him down and covered him in a blanket, head to toe. He actually didn't bend anymore with the two snowsuits, so sitting up would have been impossible anyway. With his soother in his mouth the kid slept the whole way as I pulled him! I was amazed, because it was pretty icy and bumpy, but he just slept away. It was so fun to get out in the woods and hike, I need to do it more often. Now that I know how well Eli handles it, maybe I will! We found trees, then went back inside and warmed up with coffee and hot chocolate. Ran out of coffee cream so we used whipping cream instead. Had to make up for all those calories we burned hiking, right?

Remember I posted about the new pillows, and how I was excited for Cory to notice? Now, I put the old pillow cases on them, so they looked kind of the same, although way bigger, so I didn't really expect him to notice until he laid down. This is what happened.

Emily and Cory in bedroom, getting ready for bed.
Cory: flops down on bed, wraps his arms around pillow, snuggles up and closes his eyes.
Emily: stares expectantly.
Cory: nothing.
Emily: heavy sigh.
Cory: nothing.
Emily: You are so unobservant sometimes.
Cory: sits up, looks around the room. Huh?
Emily: You seriously didn't notice?
Cory: Takes a closer look around the room, stares intently at Emily. Ummmm.... notice... what?
Emily: indicates bed.
Cory: Looks more intently at bed, glances at pillows. Nothing.
Emily: The pillows!
Cory: They're thicker. OH! Did you buy new pillows? I like them! Thank you! You're a great wife! etc., etc.

And that is what happened. I suppose I really shouldn't get my hopes up anymore. I just thought... you know... once he laid down he might notice. Oh well, I'm not too broken up about it.

Let's move on to Sunday. Sunday was a great day. Eli and I got up early because lunch was at our house this week. I had made stuffing and brined my turkey the day before, but I had to slice up my carrots and scrub and cut up my potatoes and get the turkey into the oven. Also do a final straighten up of the house and wash the dishes. And get breakfast and feed the baby. And get myself dressed and ready for church. This wouldn't be that hard if I was an early riser, but I got up at 7:30, which is actually still kind of early for me. Oh well, we were only half an hour late for Sunday School. We've been later.

Thanks to all my prep-ahead work, it wasn't much work to get everything done after church for lunch. Guy carved the turkey for me, I just had to stick the pots of carrots and potatoes on the stove and boil them, then mash the potatoes, make the gravy, through a can of cranberry sauce and some pickles into bowls and we were ready to go! I was really pleased with the result from brining the turkey. I ate the dark meat, which is always moist so while more flavourful than usual I didn't notice a HUGE difference, but my darling husband (who is ALLERGIC to turkey and ate it anyway!) told me that the white meat was really moist, and that it was the first time in his life he'd ever eaten moist turkey. Then he told me that I was amazing, and a really good cook. And pretty.


After everyone left I was pretty exhausted, so Cory took Eli and went to church without me. That was really cool, having the house all to myself for a whole hour! That's the first time that's happened in three months! I felt like I should do something monumental, but I was tired so I just napped. We went to Lynn's after church because she had made lobster rolls and wanted us to come eat them and watch "The Hiding Place" with her. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Lobster rolls have that effect on me. Oh wow oh wow oh wow. Watching a sweet movie and cuddling with my sleeping son and eating LOBSTER ROLLS? One of the best nights of the week.

Dear Aunt Mona just called me and asked if Cory and I and Eli could be Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus for the Christmas Eve service. I half expected that SOMEONE would ask us to do that, so I said yes of course. I just hope Eli cooperates. I know the real baby Jesus did not have a soother in his mouth to keep him quiet, but this one just might. We don't have to act anything out thank goodness, just stand there while she sings "What Child is This" to finish off the night. So not too long, which is also good.

But now, seeing as I have a babe in my arm and am typing with one hand, I will end this novel.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Up and Down.

Today has had its ups and downs. It started with a big down (literally) for Cory this morning, although I didn't learn about it until tonight, since I was still in bed when he left for work.
Apparently he was crouched down looking in the bottom cupboard looking for granola bars to take for his lunch (which we ran out of three days ago...), and when he realized that there weren't any there he stood up rather abruptly and SMOKED his head on the top cupboard so hard that it knocked him onto the floor, where he laid moaning for several minutes. I slept through it (remember, it's 5:30 in the morning!). He has a lovely red scrape across his forehead to show for it. Poor man.
The day continued well for me, Eli and I arose and went to town to pick up a few things for Sunday lunch, which is at our house this week. We had a good time, got some things. I got new pillows for our bed, but Cory hasn't noticed yet. I didn't tell him. I'm waiting for him to lie down tonight and then react - I'm kind of excited. I'll let you know how it goes. We needed new pillows BADLY. The old ones were about as thick as the comforter.
When we got back from town Eli and I ate lunch and then he napped and I did pilates! Yay for me! Here's hoping I can keep it up - I really need the exercise. After that I actually had to wake the kid up - he was out like a light! We played and puttered around the house and then I made dinner - pork ribs and lemon pasta and a veggie tray. I was pretty proud of myself, then I called Cory to see when he would be home only to discover that he would be very late, and I had to eat by myself. That was depressing. Eli fell asleep again too - so I was REALLY by myself. Then Cory came home and told me that he has to work tomorrow. Bummer. I hate it when he has to work Saturdays. THEN he told me that he also has to work on Sunday. When we're having Sunday lunch here. With twenty people. And I'm cooking a turkey dinner. So he won't be here to help me, AND I'll have the baby to try to keep happy... gah. After all that, he gets a phone call and heads out with the youth group, telling me that they will all be coming to our house after they go caroling, so I rush and wash the dishes and clean the living room and sweep the floor and feed the baby and put him to bed and just as I'm sitting down to wait for them to arrive, he calls me and tells me that they aren't coming, but I'm welcome to come to the church where they are. Too bad I just put the baby to bed.


This post is sounding very self-pitying, but really, I had a pretty good day overall. Trying to look at the positive here, I got things done in town, exercised, the baby was really good, I started a new book (Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World), and now Eli's asleep, the house is clean and I'm curled up at the laptop with coffee and some almonds. And, er, some chocolate chips. Just being honest.

And now, to await the return of my handsome husband. The biggest positive of all: how much I love him. And how I'm glad he didn't die this morning hitting his head.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm such a "phase" kind of person. I have a hard time picking something and sticking to it, I always want to move on to the next, new, exciting thing. That's probably why I haven't updated in a bit - the fresh excitement was over, the newness was wearing off. That being said, I do want to keep updating. I would like our children to be able to read back someday about when they were little.
Speaking of children, mine is down for his nap right now. I've moved on to a new phase in life (there it is again!) - scheduling. My schedule, not his. I love it. Seriously, this kid needs a LOT of sleep. He has a hard time staying up for two hours at a time! His most cheerful times of the day are when he first wakes up and when Cory gets home from work. He really loves his Dad. Cory can make him grin and giggle like no one else.
I have him napping in our bed now, instead of letting him fall asleep wherever. He sleeps a lot better this way and I can get things done without having to tiptoe around him. I also stopped letting him take catnaps. Before it was awake for half an hour, sleep for five or ten minutes. Repeat. Now I keep him awake and play with him, and then he'll sleep for an hour in the morning, and several hours in the afternoon. Also no more sleeping in our bed at night - it's hard because it seems easier to just have him in with us, so I can roll over, feed him, and go back to sleep, but we both sleep better apart. He sleeps way longer and gets up less frequently. Last night he didn't even cry at all when I put him down, just smiled and drifted off to sleep... wonderful.

On Saturday I went to town. Mistake. I had to go, I needed things for the upcoming week, but Superstore, on "No Tax" day, close to Christmas, on a Saturday... I'm not sure what I was thinking. The checkout was really, really long, and Eli started losing it, and by the time I got through (thankfully the people in front of me let me go first, so nice!), he was screaming his tiny brains out. Hopefully I do not have to endure that again any time soon. No more shopping for me until AFTER Christmas! I also had an encounter with a sweet lady who was really trying to be helpful... I had a glass bottle of apple juice in my cart. Now, I don't buy apple juice that often, but when I do I buy the glass bottles because the plastic that they use to line the cans contains a lot of BPA, and I just like to avoid that stuff. So this lady walks by me and notices that I have the apple juice in my cart, she actually stops me to tell me that they have the cans on for 99 cents and I should grab that instead. I thanked her politely and told her that I liked the bottles, but I didn't stop to explain why because, after all, I was trying to get my shopping done. She looked completely baffled at my response and said "But... it's 99 cents!" I said thank you again and kept walking. She actually kind of shouted after me "But... you could just buy the can and pour it into a pitcher, if you like that better!!" I kept walking. Very awkward.

So, Christmas is just over a week away. I remember getting SO excited when I was a kid about Christmas... it's just not the same anymore. The thing I am most excited for is going back to the valley for an entire week, so Mom and Dad and my sisters can see us and spend time with Eli and see how much he's grown! I really miss them now that I live in New Brunswick. I'm very glad we don't live farther away! At least now we can visit every couple of months.
I think Christmas will be more fun again once Eli and subsequent brothers and sisters are older and able to enjoy it more. Next year will be fun, with Eli anticipating it so much more! Of course, next year I'll have to be keeping him away from the tree and trying to stop him from opening his presents early and making sure he doesn't pull down my garland... but I'm looking forward to it! I have a hard time imagining what kind of little boy he will be. Since I don't have anything to compare him to, I don't even know whether he's an active baby or not. He sure sleeps alot. No complaints there though. When he is awake though he's pretty active and independant, he doesn't really want to just chill, he wants to be moving all over the house (in your arms of course!), he doesn't want you to hold him too tight, now that he can hold his head up he just wants to sit up, he hates it when you try to make him lean back against you. Today I had him on his tummy and he was trying to get to me, he actually got his knees underneath him! We'll just have to see though, just because he's active now I know doesn't mean he always will be. Perhaps he'll be the type of kid who runs around like crazy and tires himself out and then crashes. He seems like that now.

We had our ladies Bible study Christmas party last night, it was really fun! We played Bible Trivia. I love Bible Trivia, or trivia of any sort. I'm just best at the Bible trivia. Mom focused so much on memorization when we were kids. Knowing the books of the Bible in order, the twelve disciples, the twelve tribes of Isreal and the kings of Judah gives you the answers to a LOT of questions, and we learned those almost as soon as we learned the alphabet! It's funny - having things like that memorized makes people percieve you as being smart, yet other people know, say, every car on the road - make, model and year - but nobody considers that to be a "smart" thing to know. Why is that? It's just memorization, just of something different. While there are certain things I do want my kids to memorize while they grow up, I'm going to try hard to make sure that they don't end up thinking that they are smarter than other people, when probably the only difference between them is the content of their knowledge, not the amount or the capacity to learn.

And on that note... I will end this monologue until another day.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Eli's in his swing. He's finally at the age where I can plunk him down in it and he'll be happy for 10-15 minutes, just looking around and enjoying it. It's great! There are dangling teddy bears above it that spin - you would think he'd stare at those, but he doesn't. He stares at the red button on the side of the swing. He finds it fascinating, for some reason.

I think he's pretty great.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


So when you live way out in the country and stores are not readily available (other than the Irving, which couldn't BE more available, considering it's downstairs), you sometimes have to get creative. Take the other week, when I wanted to make popcorn but was tired of plain old plain old. I wanted sour cream and onion seasoning. So I made some! I found a recipe online, but I didn't have all the ingredients so I improvised. In the end, I think it was something like this. And it is FANTASTIC. It made enough for a small spice jar and we use it whenever we have popcorn now.

Emily's Own Sour Cream and Onion Popcorn Seasoning
2 T powdered milk
1 tsp onion powder
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp dill weed
1/2 tsp vinegar

I thought the vinegar was odd, but mixed it in dutifully and the seasoning turned out brilliantly, and it isn't clumping in the spice jar like I thought it would. Grand!

So then a couple nights ago I was going to make honey garlic meatballs. I always use good old VH Honey Garlic sauce. It's my favourite. One of my favourite late-night snack foods is white basmati rice with VH Honey Garlic sauce on it. Odd, but delicious. However, in a burst of creativity I decided to see if I could make my own replica of this deliciousness. So I pulled the jar out of my fridge, looked at the ingredients and tried to see if I could copy it. I tasted and added, so the measurements are guesses, but I tried to measure so that I could do it again!

Emily's Own Knock-Off VH Honey Garlic Sauce
1 cup brown sugar
2-3 T vinegar
3-4 T water
2 T soy sauce
2 T honey
6 cloves of garlic, minced
pinch of salt

I stirred it all together and let it sit in the fridge for several hours so the garlic could really get through it all. Then poured it over the cooked meatballs, let it all heat up and voila - fantastic. Cory was super surprised when I told him that it wasn't VH. PS... meatball trick that my mom taught me: form the meatballs, put them in the pan and then add an inch of water and boil them. That way, you never have to worry about them falling apart as you try to fry them, and all the fat boils off into the water and is gone when you strain them! You don't get that crispy brown coating on the outside, but if you really wanted to you could always throw them back into the pan with a little olive oil and crisp up the outside after they're cooked.

Conclusion? You don't always have to live close to a store to get your favourite items. Also, I need to come up with shorter recipe titles. The End.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A long day...

Today, I nursed the baby. All day. I did essentially nothing else. It was a very long, very boring day. The week as a whole, however, has been pleasant. I had ladies bible study at the house again Monday night, made a delicious carrot cake. I used the carrot cake recipe off PW as the base, but I threw in some nutmeg and cloves, and walnuts. I love walnuts in carrot cake! I really had no intention of baking that day, but I had made cupcakes on Sunday for lunch, and the icing recipe just made WAY too much, so what does one do with leftover cream cheese icing? Make carrot cake I suppose. What a sacrifice.
Yesterday I went to Mom's group at Grand-Bay Baptist again. I enjoyed myself, it's Eli and then virtually everyone else has baby girls, so Eli flirts with the girls and I can talk to some Moms and we have a good time.
Last night my handsome husband took us out for dinner. We went to Boston Pizza, "Pasta Tuesday" night. This means you can order the expensive pasta and it's cheaper! Hurrah! So I had shrimp and feta penne with alfredo sauce. And green onions. And mushrooms. And red peppers. And wow, was it good. I always find the portions are so big at restaurants that you really get two meals - that one and then lunch the next day too! Cory had the spaghetti and meatballs. He's not too adventurous.
It was fun going on a date with my husband, although the baby came along too of course. I think every stage of having children is going to be different, with its own difficult parts. It's hard having the baby, because you're always nervous he's going to start shrieking his head off. With an older child, you don't have to worry about that (unless of course you have spoiled your child to the nth degree). But with an older child, say a toddler, you need a highchair and food for them and to watch and make sure they don't fling said food. A little bit older would be even easier, but then it starts getting too expensive to take everyone out for dinner. And also too expensive for a babysitter, and then we'll just have to stay home all the time. I'm just going to resolve to enjoy each stage as it comes, and stop anticipating the next one! I've lived my entire life anticipating the next stage of it, and I know that needs to stop. I need to learn to be content in the circumstances I'm in now. I'll work on that.
Tangent: ever since we got our computer, every once in a while the keyboard decides that it's French, and then not all the keys line up. So odd! There's a button on the bottom right of the screen that you can switch the keyboard from US to Canadian French, and once in a while it switches, on its own. And then you type the apostrophe ' and instead get the accent ` . Why does this happen? So strange.
So aside from nursing ALL DAY today, I also made dinner. I made this polenta, but without the goat cheese because it's not something I generally keep in my fridge. I added some fresh parsley to it, and I absolutely loved it, but Cory was not a fan. Next time I'll just mash a potato for him and I'll eat it all by myself! We also had the first of our steaks from the hind quarter of beef we bought. It was very good. I let it marinate in red wine and garlic all day. Yummmm.
Speaking of wine, normally I just pick it up at the convenience store in Public Landing, because there's only one shelf there, and I just grab the cheapest bottle of red wine they have, because all I ever use it for is cooking. Last time I needed some though we were in town right by the liquor store on the west side and I figured I would just go in there. Big mistake. I was immediately completely and totally overwhelmed by the HUGE selection of wine they have there. AH! What to do?! I almost turned around and walked right back out but the nice sales clerk asked me if he could help me.

Me: "Ummm, I need some red wine. For cooking with."

Him: "Certainly, any particular year? Were you looking for a *insert fancy wine name here* or a *insert another fancy wine name here*?"

Me: "Er... just... something I can cook with."

Him: "What were you looking to cook?"

Me: "Anything that calls for red wine."

Him: "Ok."

He looked a little puzzled. I didn't really give the poor man anything to go on, but he chose a bottle and handed it to me. I have no idea whether or not I got a good deal, because at that point I would have purchased ANYTHING he gave me. The next time I need more wine, I am going back to the Public Landing store. So simple. One shelf. Red wine.

Last night Cory, Eli and I all took a bath together. TMI? Sorry, but Eli was just SO CUTE in his new little Swimmi that I got him (in "yellow pizzazz")! The kid absolutely loves the water, he just had a blast splashing and being passed back and forth. His favourite times of the day are diaper changes, there is nothing this child likes better than being as naked as possible, and preferably in water. If he's crying and I can't console him, I change his bum. Doesn't matter if it's dirty or not, that makes no difference to him. He just likes the chance to be naked. Such a boy.
After the bath we watched an episode of Monk together. I have the first season on DVD. Cory was trying to figure out which disk the episode he wanted to watch was on, so I told him to look at the back. I MEANT the back of the box. He looked at the back of the DVD. Nope, sorry honey... it won't tell you there...
Speaking of slightly clueless husband, the past two mornings he has been complaining that the alarm clock hasn't gone off. This is funny because it DOES go off, and he turns it off. This morning it went off at 5:30 as usual, and he hit the snooze. It went off again at 5:39, and he again hit snooze. At this point I poked him so he would get out of bed, and he sat up, (remember, the alarm went off about 30 seconds ago) and protested that the alarm clock must be broken because it's not going off. I told him he was dumb, he'd turned it off twice, and to get out of bed. I wasn't very nice about it I'm afraid. I apologized later. I'm not my most pleasant at 5:39 in the morning.
Alas, the babe is stirring in his swing. Looks like it's nursing time again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Eli's asleep. He seems to have settled into a real routine that I am very much enjoying. I didn't even try to fit him into one, he's just done it on his own (although maybe subconciously I helped him along). He usually wakes up for the day around 7:30, and, after being fed and changed, is just as bright and cheerful as can be. It's this time of day when I get the most smiles out of him. He falls asleep again somewhere between nine and ten, and sleeps for an hour or so. He's up for lunch, and depending on how long he slept in the morning, he falls back asleep between one and two, and then is usually out for most of the afternoon. Up again before supper (right when I'm trying to cook, always!), and awake for part of the evening. Back to sleep around seven, might be up for another hour somewhere in the evening but always falls back asleep on his own. I wake him up right before I go to bed, ten or eleven, and change him, feed him, and put him down for the night. He sleeps until around four, wakes up and I feed him, then is asleep again until 7:30.
It's really pretty great, I know I have it very easy. I'm just looking forward to him giving up his 4:00 AM feeding! At the rate he's going it might not be too long before that happens. Slowly but surely he sleeps for longer at night. Such a good baby! Praise God!

As for my latest culinary endeavours, tonight we had this for dinner. So fun to make! I really enjoyed charring the red peppers. There's something very satisfying about burning your food on purpose. I did salmon too, just to round out the meal. I love salmon. So. Much. I buy "salmon trimmings" from Superstore because A) they are WAY cheaper B) they come in small, two-people sized portions and C) I think they taste better. Oh, and D) frozen salmon is disgusting. Fresh is the only way to go. I throw the trimmings in a pan with butter, a sprinkling of salt, LOTS of pepper, and some lemon juice. Absolute perfection. And the best part about salmon? The fat is actually good for you!
Yes, I know salmon nowadays contains mercury, and I should be getting my Omega 3 in capsule form because it's safer. But salmon just tastes so dang delicious, I simply cannot stop eating it. Nope nope nope.
I also made Pots de Creme again. Talk about an easy recipe! Just throw some stuff in a blender, no cooking, baking, or effort involved.
Linking to that recipe made me realize that I forgot to put vanilla in my Pots de Creme. Rats. How does one miss an ingredient in a recipe that only has five ingredients?! Oh well, I'm sure they will still be delicious.

We went to the Remembrance Day service today. Actually, I believe it was my first time ever going to a service on Remembrance Day, other than a church service. It's a much bigger deal here than it was in Nova Scotia. You'd think where we were so close to the Greenwood base that it would have been more of a big thing, but maybe that was just the circle of people we were with. It's good though, I know how important it is to remember. Most of this service, however, I spent stressing out that the baby would wake up and shriek and how would I get out of the row, since I was on the inside and the chairs were SUPER close together. He slept though, so it was fine. Such a sweet baby! The cadets were there, handing out the wreaths. I never knew about cadets when I was a kid, but it seems like such an awesome program. Cory got the opportunity to do SO much when he was in cadets, he got to go to BC for shooting, the NWT for a canoe trip, Utah to do a survival course, and Ontario for his jump course to jump out of airplanes. And all completely paid for! Sounds a lot better than hockey or soccer to me... plus they learn so much. I know what Eli's extracurricular activities will involve when he's older!
Speaking of him, he's awake again. Well, half awake. Time to eat again!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm chomping down on my last "gourmet burger" that was leftover in the fridge, the baby is happily playing with Daddy, and I decided to blog!
Sundays are the best days of the week. You get to see lots of people, eat a delicious lunch, worship God, it's the best! We had the Remembrance Day service at the United Church across the road today, and lunch at Guy and Holly's. I also discovered today that people actually read my blog (hi Brad!).
I made dessert for today. I've been eager to try PW's Coffee Cake Literally, but it's a fairly large cake and I didn't know what I would do with it after I made it. It's far too big for the two of us, and with flu season starting and kids still downing Halloween candy I knew that most of the parents in the church really would not appreciate me bringing their kids cake. So I volunteered to make Sunday's dessert. The cake turned out to be a big hit, it was delicious, but two things were weird:

One - the recipe says to bake for 20-22 minutes. I baked it for 35 minutes and it still wasn't really done all the way through when I took it out.
Two - it was kind of green. Why? I have no idea. But no one complained, and it tasted fantastic.

I also whipped up another Chocolate Sheet Cake. That's the third time I've made it, and we love it. It really doesn't hit its glory until a good two days after it's made, but it rarely makes it that long.

Our day continued with a walk down to Beulah to the park where the kids and Cory played. Eli slept in his stroller, but I think the kid is very blessed, when he DOES get big enough to play, his dad will be willing to play numerous variations of tag with him for hours! His mom on the other hand will be content to watch from the sidelines. But hey, I'll cook him spectacular food when he gets home! He can love me for that.

I often contemplate how blessed we are to have been given such a sweet-tempered, healthy, adorable little baby boy. So often people have difficulties, children with problems such as health issues, developmental problems, even just babies that are really cranky or have colic. God didn't see fit to give us any of that! Maybe he knew we're not mature enough to handle it yet. He's still ironing out our selfishness. Marriage was a huge step toward that, but having a baby is much, much more. In the marriage you depend on each other to do things for one another, but if you didn't do them the other person would still be fine. If I didn't feed Eli and take care of him, he would die. He depends on us for his very life. That quickly teaches you not to be self-centered.

On the flip side of that, Eli himself is SO blessed! He has a mom and a dad who love and adore him and each other, who will stay together and teach him about Christ and give him a good life. No we won't be rich... ever... but he's still so much better off than so many children in the world. God is so good!

And now... he's screaming for me. Enough rambling, must feed a baby!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Love Cooking. The End.

Today's culinary achievments include some absolutely FABULOUS hamburgers, and the best guacamole ever. Almost. I put too much lemon juice in it. But other than that, it was to die for.

Emily's Own Hamburgers
With your thawed ground beef, mix in one strip of bacon, cooked and crumbled, a clove of garlic minced up, a few teaspoons of worchestershire sauce, a dash of cayenne and some good old S&P. I don't do precise measurements, I just throw stuff in... normally I would say do it to taste, but you really don't want to be tasting the raw ground beef (I hope) so you'll just have to take a stab at it. Form this into burgers. I had fried some bacon already to go on top, so I poured off most of the bacon grease from the pan and then threw the burgers in without cleaning it to give them more of a bacon flavour. I like bacon. On the side I sliced up an onion and fried it in olive oil, then threw in a couple teaspoons of brown sugar to give it sweetness and a pretty brown colour. The burgers were served on PC whole grain thin buns (otherwise known as the only bun I will now consume), with mayo, ketchup, relish, mustard (if you're Cory, because I think mustard is only good IN cooking, not ON it), freshly sliced roma tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese and lettuce. Very, very messy but very, very good. I did sweet potato fries on the side. Or rather, McCain did sweet potato fries, I just baked them in the oven.

As for the guacamole, it is incredible, and currently calling my name from the fridge. I can't walk by the fridge without grabbing some torilla chips and digging in. Plus it's SUPER good for you! Don't ask me why it is, I just read somewhere that avacados were good for you. Speaking of avacados, fun fact: I absolutely despised and wouldn't go near them until I got pregnant. Then one day at about seven months I was at the Market going to get a wrap, and there was this chicken wrap with guacamole that for some strange reason just seemed to call my name, and I bought it and consumed it and have loved avacado ever since. Can't get enough of the stuff. SO GOOD.

Emily's Own Guacamole
Serves One Very-Hungry-Nursing-Mother: Cory won't go near avacado with a ten foot pole. Take one ripe avacado, scoop out into a bowl. Don't throw out the seed! Finely dice about half a roma tomato, throw it in. Add two cloves of minced garlic (but that's a lot, you could do one, I just LOOOOOOVE garlic), a squirt of lime or lemon juice, a diced up green onion, and a dash of tabasco or hot chili sauce or cayenne or whatever. I did hot chili sauce. Add S&P. Not too much S (the chips are salty), lots and lots of P. Mash all this up with a fork, grab the multigrain tostitos and dig in! Oh yeah, the seed, bury it in the guac to keep it from browning in the fridge. Please don't eat it.

That's it, I can't take this, I'm returning to the fridge.

Eli Update: We got LOADS of smiles today, and a few little giggles too. Much better than yesterday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alas Wednesday

Today, Eli has been cranky. It's been a long day. I couldn't get him to take a nap this afternoon, finally we took him for a drive and that knocked him out. However, because of his crankiness, I totally forgot about the homeschoolers Remembrance Day event we were having over at the church, and when we pulled back into the driveway I saw everyone's car already over there. We were supposed to meet at 1:30, I looked down at the car clock and saw that it was 2:45, and, being overtired and rather hormonal, immediately burst into tears. What I DIDN'T realize, and Cory informed me a few minutes later when he too realized it, was that we hadn't changed the car clock yet, and I was only 15 minutes late. That turned into half an hour once I fed the baby and tried to pull myself together, but I got over to the church and had a really nice afternoon after all. Eli finally fell asleep, and I got to meet the lovely Alisha M, whom I had anticipated meeting for a long time because she has nine-month-old twin boys, Henry and (ironically) Eli. Her boys are adorable, as is her older little girl Ella. It's fun to see what my Eli will be like in just a few short months.

I got home to find that my wonderful husband had done the dishes and the laundry. What a wonderful man! I had to hurry to get supper together before Cory had to leave for work, so I just did these quick pan-fried pork chops (or close to them). They were good, but I think I oversalted them a bit. I re-fried some leftover mashed potatoes from Sunday lunch and boiled some broccoli. Dinner in 15 minutes, done and done. If I'd had more time, I would have made a mushroom sauce for the pork chops - pork and mushrooms are just made to go together - but that will have to wait until next time.

Cory is going back on day shift next week. It's funny, when he went on nights I consoled myself by remembering that it was only for three weeks, but now that it's almost over I'll really miss it, I like him being on the night shift! It makes doing things during the day so much easier, and I get to spend more time with him. Maybe it will open up again, who knows.

Eli Update: More and more smiles all the time, and yesterday we got a real, genuine bonafide giggle, shook his whole body. Adorable.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heaven is...

...cracking open a new tub of Scotsburn Hoofprints ice cream and digging in with a spoon.

Correction: Heaven is cracking open a new tub of Scotsburn Hoofprints ice cream and digging in with a spoon and not gaining weight or lowering my immune system so that I catch H1N1.

It all started when ice cream was on for $2.50 a tub at Superstore, and I bought some. Hoofprints. That started it all. Toffee ice cream with chocolate fudge swirls and - my personal downfall - the tiny, crunchy, perfectly sinful little caramel filled chocolate cups. Thunder thighs and swine flu, here I come. We ate it, it was delicious, and then we practiced restraint for a couple weeks. However, at seven months pregnant, restraint did not last long, and soon I found myself bringing home another tub of ice cream, rationalizing that after the baby was born I would return to my old, ice-cream-free ways. I got it home, opened it with great anticipation only to discover that it was half full. It looked like it had been scooped out with a spoon. Disgusting and disappointing. I returned it and got my money back, but then figured what the heck, I'll e-mail the company just to let them know. I didn't really think it was Scotsburn's fault, I had a mental image of frozen-food employees at Superstore in a back room clustered around a tub of ice cream.

"Guys, the boss is coming!"

"Quick, Joe, stash the goods!"

"Where am I supposed to hide it?!"

"Anywhere, just be quick!!"

At this point, Joe jammed his spoon into his pocket, wiped his ice creamy mouth off with his sleeve and stuffed my beautiful tub of Hoofprints back in with all the other flavours. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

At any rate, I thought Scotsburn should know about this. (After all, I got a $2.00 coupon when I e-mailed Nestle about my solid-chocolate Kit Kat bar. Which despite its lack of wafer, was still fantastic). Scotsburn, being the fantastic company I now know they are, send me several e-mails of apology and called me TWICE to apologize some more - once by a customer service rep and again by some head manager guy, even though they confirmed that it couldn't possibly have happened at the factory and must have been Joe from frozen foods. Not only did they apologize profusely, they also sent me four coupons for free two-litre tubs of ice cream. Tonight's thigh-inducer was free tub number three. I still have one more.
FOUR free tubs of ice cream! At the exorbitant not-on-sale price of $6.19 a tub, that's almost $25 in free ice cream! Surely God is good to me.

I just hope I don't get swine flu.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Cannot believe November is here already - this time last year I was just starting to settle into our new apartment and look for a job, and here I am with a seven week-old baby. God works very quickly sometimes.
It's been a fairly good Halloween weekend. I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, my family never celebrated it and most of my memories involve locking the doors of the house, turning off all the lights and curling up in my room with a book and a lamp, trying to ignore the doorbell ringing. It was creepy. Very, very creepy.
I made the mistake of going to Value Village on Friday, the day before Halloween. I like Value Village generally, but it is also HUGE and somewhat intimidating. Cory and I walked in, turned around and walked out again. There were way too many costume seekers, Eli was starting to squawk, and when Eli's fussing my brain shuts off and I can only focus on him. We went to Walmart instead. Slightly more expensive, but much easier to find stuff.
Halloween morning Eli and I went to the ladies breakfast at the church. I hope the poor kid doesn't have any long term trauma from all these all-women events I keep taking him to (ladies Bible study, ladies breakfast, homeschool mom meetings). I think he likes the attention though. Paula led a devotion on prayer at the breakfast. Paula's devotions are always convicting, she is a very good teacher. Sure I pray, I pray lots, but I am not at all organized in my prayers. I have no lists of people to pray for, no way of reminding myself who asked for prayer and what they need to have prayed about. I just pray as people come into my mind. I know God can work that way, bringing people to mind when he wants us to pray for them, but I think it's more of the exception rather than the rule. Generally speaking, I think I need to work on keeping track of the people in my life that I pray for. People ask me to pray, I send up a couple of quick prayers and then forget about it, and don't remember the details of their request a couple of hours later. That needs work.
Today was Sunday lunch at our house. We had I believe 14 people, not including Eli, and then Bill and Wendy showed up at the end. It was a nice day though, so a bunch of the boys went outside to skateboard so we could hear ourselves think! I wasn't stressed out really getting ready for it, at least not that much, but looking at the dishes afterwards just makes me feel tired. Oh well, leave them until tomorrow when I feel more up to it I guess!

Eli Update: He's discovered sucking on his fists, a new favourite pastime!

Friday, October 30, 2009

This is awesome, our own family blog, I am sure Emily will be doing most of the posting but I will try and contribute when I can. Youth group tonight at our place, and I am starting a bible study tomorrow - exciting :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've been meaning to start a blog for a while now, purely for the sake of posterity. And yet another thing to distract myself on the internet. Eli helped me set this up this morning while Dad's still in bed sleeping off the night shift. Actually, Eli sat in my lap and taught me the fine art of holding in a soother with my elbow while typing. He's taught me a lot in the six weeks since he was born. He just drifted off, maybe I can get some laundry folded while he sleeps.
Cory's off to Apohaqui this afternoon to visit some people, so maybe we'll get a little more accomplished today than usual. It's hard when he's here all the time.
I think we're going to town tomorrow, I'm hoping to hit up Value Village and see if I can get a few clothes that actually fit me. Having a baby has severely limited my wardrobe options. Eli, on the other hand, has more clothes than he will ever get to wear. Lucky kid!