Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A long day...

Today, I nursed the baby. All day. I did essentially nothing else. It was a very long, very boring day. The week as a whole, however, has been pleasant. I had ladies bible study at the house again Monday night, made a delicious carrot cake. I used the carrot cake recipe off PW as the base, but I threw in some nutmeg and cloves, and walnuts. I love walnuts in carrot cake! I really had no intention of baking that day, but I had made cupcakes on Sunday for lunch, and the icing recipe just made WAY too much, so what does one do with leftover cream cheese icing? Make carrot cake I suppose. What a sacrifice.
Yesterday I went to Mom's group at Grand-Bay Baptist again. I enjoyed myself, it's Eli and then virtually everyone else has baby girls, so Eli flirts with the girls and I can talk to some Moms and we have a good time.
Last night my handsome husband took us out for dinner. We went to Boston Pizza, "Pasta Tuesday" night. This means you can order the expensive pasta and it's cheaper! Hurrah! So I had shrimp and feta penne with alfredo sauce. And green onions. And mushrooms. And red peppers. And wow, was it good. I always find the portions are so big at restaurants that you really get two meals - that one and then lunch the next day too! Cory had the spaghetti and meatballs. He's not too adventurous.
It was fun going on a date with my husband, although the baby came along too of course. I think every stage of having children is going to be different, with its own difficult parts. It's hard having the baby, because you're always nervous he's going to start shrieking his head off. With an older child, you don't have to worry about that (unless of course you have spoiled your child to the nth degree). But with an older child, say a toddler, you need a highchair and food for them and to watch and make sure they don't fling said food. A little bit older would be even easier, but then it starts getting too expensive to take everyone out for dinner. And also too expensive for a babysitter, and then we'll just have to stay home all the time. I'm just going to resolve to enjoy each stage as it comes, and stop anticipating the next one! I've lived my entire life anticipating the next stage of it, and I know that needs to stop. I need to learn to be content in the circumstances I'm in now. I'll work on that.
Tangent: ever since we got our computer, every once in a while the keyboard decides that it's French, and then not all the keys line up. So odd! There's a button on the bottom right of the screen that you can switch the keyboard from US to Canadian French, and once in a while it switches, on its own. And then you type the apostrophe ' and instead get the accent ` . Why does this happen? So strange.
So aside from nursing ALL DAY today, I also made dinner. I made this polenta, but without the goat cheese because it's not something I generally keep in my fridge. I added some fresh parsley to it, and I absolutely loved it, but Cory was not a fan. Next time I'll just mash a potato for him and I'll eat it all by myself! We also had the first of our steaks from the hind quarter of beef we bought. It was very good. I let it marinate in red wine and garlic all day. Yummmm.
Speaking of wine, normally I just pick it up at the convenience store in Public Landing, because there's only one shelf there, and I just grab the cheapest bottle of red wine they have, because all I ever use it for is cooking. Last time I needed some though we were in town right by the liquor store on the west side and I figured I would just go in there. Big mistake. I was immediately completely and totally overwhelmed by the HUGE selection of wine they have there. AH! What to do?! I almost turned around and walked right back out but the nice sales clerk asked me if he could help me.

Me: "Ummm, I need some red wine. For cooking with."

Him: "Certainly, any particular year? Were you looking for a *insert fancy wine name here* or a *insert another fancy wine name here*?"

Me: "Er... just... something I can cook with."

Him: "What were you looking to cook?"

Me: "Anything that calls for red wine."

Him: "Ok."

He looked a little puzzled. I didn't really give the poor man anything to go on, but he chose a bottle and handed it to me. I have no idea whether or not I got a good deal, because at that point I would have purchased ANYTHING he gave me. The next time I need more wine, I am going back to the Public Landing store. So simple. One shelf. Red wine.

Last night Cory, Eli and I all took a bath together. TMI? Sorry, but Eli was just SO CUTE in his new little Swimmi that I got him (in "yellow pizzazz")! The kid absolutely loves the water, he just had a blast splashing and being passed back and forth. His favourite times of the day are diaper changes, there is nothing this child likes better than being as naked as possible, and preferably in water. If he's crying and I can't console him, I change his bum. Doesn't matter if it's dirty or not, that makes no difference to him. He just likes the chance to be naked. Such a boy.
After the bath we watched an episode of Monk together. I have the first season on DVD. Cory was trying to figure out which disk the episode he wanted to watch was on, so I told him to look at the back. I MEANT the back of the box. He looked at the back of the DVD. Nope, sorry honey... it won't tell you there...
Speaking of slightly clueless husband, the past two mornings he has been complaining that the alarm clock hasn't gone off. This is funny because it DOES go off, and he turns it off. This morning it went off at 5:30 as usual, and he hit the snooze. It went off again at 5:39, and he again hit snooze. At this point I poked him so he would get out of bed, and he sat up, (remember, the alarm went off about 30 seconds ago) and protested that the alarm clock must be broken because it's not going off. I told him he was dumb, he'd turned it off twice, and to get out of bed. I wasn't very nice about it I'm afraid. I apologized later. I'm not my most pleasant at 5:39 in the morning.
Alas, the babe is stirring in his swing. Looks like it's nursing time again.

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