Sunday, November 1, 2009


Cannot believe November is here already - this time last year I was just starting to settle into our new apartment and look for a job, and here I am with a seven week-old baby. God works very quickly sometimes.
It's been a fairly good Halloween weekend. I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, my family never celebrated it and most of my memories involve locking the doors of the house, turning off all the lights and curling up in my room with a book and a lamp, trying to ignore the doorbell ringing. It was creepy. Very, very creepy.
I made the mistake of going to Value Village on Friday, the day before Halloween. I like Value Village generally, but it is also HUGE and somewhat intimidating. Cory and I walked in, turned around and walked out again. There were way too many costume seekers, Eli was starting to squawk, and when Eli's fussing my brain shuts off and I can only focus on him. We went to Walmart instead. Slightly more expensive, but much easier to find stuff.
Halloween morning Eli and I went to the ladies breakfast at the church. I hope the poor kid doesn't have any long term trauma from all these all-women events I keep taking him to (ladies Bible study, ladies breakfast, homeschool mom meetings). I think he likes the attention though. Paula led a devotion on prayer at the breakfast. Paula's devotions are always convicting, she is a very good teacher. Sure I pray, I pray lots, but I am not at all organized in my prayers. I have no lists of people to pray for, no way of reminding myself who asked for prayer and what they need to have prayed about. I just pray as people come into my mind. I know God can work that way, bringing people to mind when he wants us to pray for them, but I think it's more of the exception rather than the rule. Generally speaking, I think I need to work on keeping track of the people in my life that I pray for. People ask me to pray, I send up a couple of quick prayers and then forget about it, and don't remember the details of their request a couple of hours later. That needs work.
Today was Sunday lunch at our house. We had I believe 14 people, not including Eli, and then Bill and Wendy showed up at the end. It was a nice day though, so a bunch of the boys went outside to skateboard so we could hear ourselves think! I wasn't stressed out really getting ready for it, at least not that much, but looking at the dishes afterwards just makes me feel tired. Oh well, leave them until tomorrow when I feel more up to it I guess!

Eli Update: He's discovered sucking on his fists, a new favourite pastime!

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