Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Eli's asleep. He seems to have settled into a real routine that I am very much enjoying. I didn't even try to fit him into one, he's just done it on his own (although maybe subconciously I helped him along). He usually wakes up for the day around 7:30, and, after being fed and changed, is just as bright and cheerful as can be. It's this time of day when I get the most smiles out of him. He falls asleep again somewhere between nine and ten, and sleeps for an hour or so. He's up for lunch, and depending on how long he slept in the morning, he falls back asleep between one and two, and then is usually out for most of the afternoon. Up again before supper (right when I'm trying to cook, always!), and awake for part of the evening. Back to sleep around seven, might be up for another hour somewhere in the evening but always falls back asleep on his own. I wake him up right before I go to bed, ten or eleven, and change him, feed him, and put him down for the night. He sleeps until around four, wakes up and I feed him, then is asleep again until 7:30.
It's really pretty great, I know I have it very easy. I'm just looking forward to him giving up his 4:00 AM feeding! At the rate he's going it might not be too long before that happens. Slowly but surely he sleeps for longer at night. Such a good baby! Praise God!

As for my latest culinary endeavours, tonight we had this for dinner. So fun to make! I really enjoyed charring the red peppers. There's something very satisfying about burning your food on purpose. I did salmon too, just to round out the meal. I love salmon. So. Much. I buy "salmon trimmings" from Superstore because A) they are WAY cheaper B) they come in small, two-people sized portions and C) I think they taste better. Oh, and D) frozen salmon is disgusting. Fresh is the only way to go. I throw the trimmings in a pan with butter, a sprinkling of salt, LOTS of pepper, and some lemon juice. Absolute perfection. And the best part about salmon? The fat is actually good for you!
Yes, I know salmon nowadays contains mercury, and I should be getting my Omega 3 in capsule form because it's safer. But salmon just tastes so dang delicious, I simply cannot stop eating it. Nope nope nope.
I also made Pots de Creme again. Talk about an easy recipe! Just throw some stuff in a blender, no cooking, baking, or effort involved.
Linking to that recipe made me realize that I forgot to put vanilla in my Pots de Creme. Rats. How does one miss an ingredient in a recipe that only has five ingredients?! Oh well, I'm sure they will still be delicious.

We went to the Remembrance Day service today. Actually, I believe it was my first time ever going to a service on Remembrance Day, other than a church service. It's a much bigger deal here than it was in Nova Scotia. You'd think where we were so close to the Greenwood base that it would have been more of a big thing, but maybe that was just the circle of people we were with. It's good though, I know how important it is to remember. Most of this service, however, I spent stressing out that the baby would wake up and shriek and how would I get out of the row, since I was on the inside and the chairs were SUPER close together. He slept though, so it was fine. Such a sweet baby! The cadets were there, handing out the wreaths. I never knew about cadets when I was a kid, but it seems like such an awesome program. Cory got the opportunity to do SO much when he was in cadets, he got to go to BC for shooting, the NWT for a canoe trip, Utah to do a survival course, and Ontario for his jump course to jump out of airplanes. And all completely paid for! Sounds a lot better than hockey or soccer to me... plus they learn so much. I know what Eli's extracurricular activities will involve when he's older!
Speaking of him, he's awake again. Well, half awake. Time to eat again!


  1. Hi guys! It's nice to hear how the Vails are doing! I know I've never met you Emily, but I've heard wonderful things. I see you're a big fan of cooking thus far in your posts, you might enjoy the blog "Smitten Kitchen" - lots of great recipes!

  2. you'll also LOVE the blog

    She's a friend of mine!!! Her site is GREAT!! She's a nutritionist, loves yummy meals, and loves a cheap bargain! AND if you do a search on her site she has awesome tips and ideas for making your own babyfood and lots of other baby tips...when it comes time for that!! =)Check her out!