Monday, December 21, 2009

Coffee, Chocolate and Blogging.

Dreadfully blustery snowy day out there. Eli's napping, I'm in my pj's, so chocolate cake from yesterday, a cup of hot coffee and blogging was in order.

Lovely weekend overall! Most pleased with how it turned out. Cory working Saturday was a bummer of course, but as it turns out he didn't have to work on Sunday. Hallelujah! While he was at work Saturday I went over to the Myers' to help pick out a Christmas tree. Holly and three boys, Dallas and four kids, me and Eli trekked back into the woods behind the parsonage to find trees for Myers and Mckinneys. We of course, had already picked out our tree. Out of the closet. Holly had bought me a baby sled for Eli a few weeks ago, so I was excited to try it out. He's not THAT good at holding his head up yet that he could sit up, so I laid him down in it. I had put two snowsuits on him, one inside the other, and a warm hat, then laid him down and covered him in a blanket, head to toe. He actually didn't bend anymore with the two snowsuits, so sitting up would have been impossible anyway. With his soother in his mouth the kid slept the whole way as I pulled him! I was amazed, because it was pretty icy and bumpy, but he just slept away. It was so fun to get out in the woods and hike, I need to do it more often. Now that I know how well Eli handles it, maybe I will! We found trees, then went back inside and warmed up with coffee and hot chocolate. Ran out of coffee cream so we used whipping cream instead. Had to make up for all those calories we burned hiking, right?

Remember I posted about the new pillows, and how I was excited for Cory to notice? Now, I put the old pillow cases on them, so they looked kind of the same, although way bigger, so I didn't really expect him to notice until he laid down. This is what happened.

Emily and Cory in bedroom, getting ready for bed.
Cory: flops down on bed, wraps his arms around pillow, snuggles up and closes his eyes.
Emily: stares expectantly.
Cory: nothing.
Emily: heavy sigh.
Cory: nothing.
Emily: You are so unobservant sometimes.
Cory: sits up, looks around the room. Huh?
Emily: You seriously didn't notice?
Cory: Takes a closer look around the room, stares intently at Emily. Ummmm.... notice... what?
Emily: indicates bed.
Cory: Looks more intently at bed, glances at pillows. Nothing.
Emily: The pillows!
Cory: They're thicker. OH! Did you buy new pillows? I like them! Thank you! You're a great wife! etc., etc.

And that is what happened. I suppose I really shouldn't get my hopes up anymore. I just thought... you know... once he laid down he might notice. Oh well, I'm not too broken up about it.

Let's move on to Sunday. Sunday was a great day. Eli and I got up early because lunch was at our house this week. I had made stuffing and brined my turkey the day before, but I had to slice up my carrots and scrub and cut up my potatoes and get the turkey into the oven. Also do a final straighten up of the house and wash the dishes. And get breakfast and feed the baby. And get myself dressed and ready for church. This wouldn't be that hard if I was an early riser, but I got up at 7:30, which is actually still kind of early for me. Oh well, we were only half an hour late for Sunday School. We've been later.

Thanks to all my prep-ahead work, it wasn't much work to get everything done after church for lunch. Guy carved the turkey for me, I just had to stick the pots of carrots and potatoes on the stove and boil them, then mash the potatoes, make the gravy, through a can of cranberry sauce and some pickles into bowls and we were ready to go! I was really pleased with the result from brining the turkey. I ate the dark meat, which is always moist so while more flavourful than usual I didn't notice a HUGE difference, but my darling husband (who is ALLERGIC to turkey and ate it anyway!) told me that the white meat was really moist, and that it was the first time in his life he'd ever eaten moist turkey. Then he told me that I was amazing, and a really good cook. And pretty.


After everyone left I was pretty exhausted, so Cory took Eli and went to church without me. That was really cool, having the house all to myself for a whole hour! That's the first time that's happened in three months! I felt like I should do something monumental, but I was tired so I just napped. We went to Lynn's after church because she had made lobster rolls and wanted us to come eat them and watch "The Hiding Place" with her. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Lobster rolls have that effect on me. Oh wow oh wow oh wow. Watching a sweet movie and cuddling with my sleeping son and eating LOBSTER ROLLS? One of the best nights of the week.

Dear Aunt Mona just called me and asked if Cory and I and Eli could be Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus for the Christmas Eve service. I half expected that SOMEONE would ask us to do that, so I said yes of course. I just hope Eli cooperates. I know the real baby Jesus did not have a soother in his mouth to keep him quiet, but this one just might. We don't have to act anything out thank goodness, just stand there while she sings "What Child is This" to finish off the night. So not too long, which is also good.

But now, seeing as I have a babe in my arm and am typing with one hand, I will end this novel.

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