Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm such a "phase" kind of person. I have a hard time picking something and sticking to it, I always want to move on to the next, new, exciting thing. That's probably why I haven't updated in a bit - the fresh excitement was over, the newness was wearing off. That being said, I do want to keep updating. I would like our children to be able to read back someday about when they were little.
Speaking of children, mine is down for his nap right now. I've moved on to a new phase in life (there it is again!) - scheduling. My schedule, not his. I love it. Seriously, this kid needs a LOT of sleep. He has a hard time staying up for two hours at a time! His most cheerful times of the day are when he first wakes up and when Cory gets home from work. He really loves his Dad. Cory can make him grin and giggle like no one else.
I have him napping in our bed now, instead of letting him fall asleep wherever. He sleeps a lot better this way and I can get things done without having to tiptoe around him. I also stopped letting him take catnaps. Before it was awake for half an hour, sleep for five or ten minutes. Repeat. Now I keep him awake and play with him, and then he'll sleep for an hour in the morning, and several hours in the afternoon. Also no more sleeping in our bed at night - it's hard because it seems easier to just have him in with us, so I can roll over, feed him, and go back to sleep, but we both sleep better apart. He sleeps way longer and gets up less frequently. Last night he didn't even cry at all when I put him down, just smiled and drifted off to sleep... wonderful.

On Saturday I went to town. Mistake. I had to go, I needed things for the upcoming week, but Superstore, on "No Tax" day, close to Christmas, on a Saturday... I'm not sure what I was thinking. The checkout was really, really long, and Eli started losing it, and by the time I got through (thankfully the people in front of me let me go first, so nice!), he was screaming his tiny brains out. Hopefully I do not have to endure that again any time soon. No more shopping for me until AFTER Christmas! I also had an encounter with a sweet lady who was really trying to be helpful... I had a glass bottle of apple juice in my cart. Now, I don't buy apple juice that often, but when I do I buy the glass bottles because the plastic that they use to line the cans contains a lot of BPA, and I just like to avoid that stuff. So this lady walks by me and notices that I have the apple juice in my cart, she actually stops me to tell me that they have the cans on for 99 cents and I should grab that instead. I thanked her politely and told her that I liked the bottles, but I didn't stop to explain why because, after all, I was trying to get my shopping done. She looked completely baffled at my response and said "But... it's 99 cents!" I said thank you again and kept walking. She actually kind of shouted after me "But... you could just buy the can and pour it into a pitcher, if you like that better!!" I kept walking. Very awkward.

So, Christmas is just over a week away. I remember getting SO excited when I was a kid about Christmas... it's just not the same anymore. The thing I am most excited for is going back to the valley for an entire week, so Mom and Dad and my sisters can see us and spend time with Eli and see how much he's grown! I really miss them now that I live in New Brunswick. I'm very glad we don't live farther away! At least now we can visit every couple of months.
I think Christmas will be more fun again once Eli and subsequent brothers and sisters are older and able to enjoy it more. Next year will be fun, with Eli anticipating it so much more! Of course, next year I'll have to be keeping him away from the tree and trying to stop him from opening his presents early and making sure he doesn't pull down my garland... but I'm looking forward to it! I have a hard time imagining what kind of little boy he will be. Since I don't have anything to compare him to, I don't even know whether he's an active baby or not. He sure sleeps alot. No complaints there though. When he is awake though he's pretty active and independant, he doesn't really want to just chill, he wants to be moving all over the house (in your arms of course!), he doesn't want you to hold him too tight, now that he can hold his head up he just wants to sit up, he hates it when you try to make him lean back against you. Today I had him on his tummy and he was trying to get to me, he actually got his knees underneath him! We'll just have to see though, just because he's active now I know doesn't mean he always will be. Perhaps he'll be the type of kid who runs around like crazy and tires himself out and then crashes. He seems like that now.

We had our ladies Bible study Christmas party last night, it was really fun! We played Bible Trivia. I love Bible Trivia, or trivia of any sort. I'm just best at the Bible trivia. Mom focused so much on memorization when we were kids. Knowing the books of the Bible in order, the twelve disciples, the twelve tribes of Isreal and the kings of Judah gives you the answers to a LOT of questions, and we learned those almost as soon as we learned the alphabet! It's funny - having things like that memorized makes people percieve you as being smart, yet other people know, say, every car on the road - make, model and year - but nobody considers that to be a "smart" thing to know. Why is that? It's just memorization, just of something different. While there are certain things I do want my kids to memorize while they grow up, I'm going to try hard to make sure that they don't end up thinking that they are smarter than other people, when probably the only difference between them is the content of their knowledge, not the amount or the capacity to learn.

And on that note... I will end this monologue until another day.

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