Friday, December 18, 2009

Up and Down.

Today has had its ups and downs. It started with a big down (literally) for Cory this morning, although I didn't learn about it until tonight, since I was still in bed when he left for work.
Apparently he was crouched down looking in the bottom cupboard looking for granola bars to take for his lunch (which we ran out of three days ago...), and when he realized that there weren't any there he stood up rather abruptly and SMOKED his head on the top cupboard so hard that it knocked him onto the floor, where he laid moaning for several minutes. I slept through it (remember, it's 5:30 in the morning!). He has a lovely red scrape across his forehead to show for it. Poor man.
The day continued well for me, Eli and I arose and went to town to pick up a few things for Sunday lunch, which is at our house this week. We had a good time, got some things. I got new pillows for our bed, but Cory hasn't noticed yet. I didn't tell him. I'm waiting for him to lie down tonight and then react - I'm kind of excited. I'll let you know how it goes. We needed new pillows BADLY. The old ones were about as thick as the comforter.
When we got back from town Eli and I ate lunch and then he napped and I did pilates! Yay for me! Here's hoping I can keep it up - I really need the exercise. After that I actually had to wake the kid up - he was out like a light! We played and puttered around the house and then I made dinner - pork ribs and lemon pasta and a veggie tray. I was pretty proud of myself, then I called Cory to see when he would be home only to discover that he would be very late, and I had to eat by myself. That was depressing. Eli fell asleep again too - so I was REALLY by myself. Then Cory came home and told me that he has to work tomorrow. Bummer. I hate it when he has to work Saturdays. THEN he told me that he also has to work on Sunday. When we're having Sunday lunch here. With twenty people. And I'm cooking a turkey dinner. So he won't be here to help me, AND I'll have the baby to try to keep happy... gah. After all that, he gets a phone call and heads out with the youth group, telling me that they will all be coming to our house after they go caroling, so I rush and wash the dishes and clean the living room and sweep the floor and feed the baby and put him to bed and just as I'm sitting down to wait for them to arrive, he calls me and tells me that they aren't coming, but I'm welcome to come to the church where they are. Too bad I just put the baby to bed.


This post is sounding very self-pitying, but really, I had a pretty good day overall. Trying to look at the positive here, I got things done in town, exercised, the baby was really good, I started a new book (Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World), and now Eli's asleep, the house is clean and I'm curled up at the laptop with coffee and some almonds. And, er, some chocolate chips. Just being honest.

And now, to await the return of my handsome husband. The biggest positive of all: how much I love him. And how I'm glad he didn't die this morning hitting his head.

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