Monday, January 4, 2010


A week away means I haven't been updating - we just got back last night from 10 whole lovely days with the family in NS. It was a really great Christmas - last year I missed my family a LOT, which made it harder. This year, while I still missed them and was excited to see them, I have my own family too, so it was easier.

We were showered with gifts this year, I still feel a bit overwhelmed at how much STUFF we were given! Favourite gifts came from my darling husband who got me: an ADORABLE Christmas card with a very cute message inside; the PW cookbook; and, best of all - this set of pots. They are beautiful, beautiful things. I was SO excited to open that box! We got other great things too, Lynn bought us new cordless phones so we can throw out our old ones, which are total junk. Don't go cheap on cordless phones anyone... ours are so shot that you have to hold your head right by the base in order to talk. I'm excited to get these new ones set up!

My gifts for my mom and my sisters didn't arrive before Christmas, and in fact they STILL haven't arrived. I'm getting very, very annoyed. I ordered them the end of November. It's January, for crying out loud! I sure hope I like them when they DO finally come.

I bought Cory the ESV Study Bible that he's been asking for for months. I think he's enjoying it so far! Eli got some adorable new clothes, nice books, and toys. All in all, it was a really great Christmas. But those pots... oh those pots...

And I still have some Christmas money left! We got Cory a new winter jacket...

UPDATE: So obviously I started writing this post... er... about a month ago when I got interrupted by a hungry baby and never finished it. So I'm just going to say to heck with it, and upload it anyway in all its half-finished glory. We'll return to our regularly scheduled program after this interruption.

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