Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garlic, TV and right-handedness.

I've watched parents of older children (say, two or three), try to figure out whether their child is going to be right-handed or left-handed. Analyzing which hand they use for various activities... colouring, throwing a ball, etc. However with Eli, I will not have that opportunity. He's made it clear from about two months old that he is extremely right-handed. At first he would only use his right hand at all, and no attempts to convince him to use his left would work. While he will use it a bit more now, I still frequently have to remind him that it exists. He tends to get it worked down to his side while sitting in the high chair or jumperoo and then is frustrated that he can't pick up his toys. When I pull his left arm out from underneath him and put a toy in it, the look on his face is so precious! "Oh! Look at that!" Then he looks up at me exited to show me that he can now shove his toy into his mouth.

He will be five months old on Saturday. Time's gone by so fast! He's so handsome, and happy, he's a joy to be around. The chubby cheeks make me giggle, and he's so much more responsive than he used to be. When I stagger into his room at 3:00 in the morning for a feeding he looks up at me from his crib and his whole face lights up, he's so happy to see me. "She came!!" I love that I can put him down at eight now, and count on him not getting up for a good 7 or 8 hours. It's nice to have that time to spend with Cory.

In other news, we moved the TV into the living room. Shock, horror! We've had the TV since we moved in, but have actually never watched it. With no cable, no DVD player and crappy reception on the three channels we did kind of get, we just left it unplugged in the office, only occasionally plugging it in when the kids were over to play Nintendo. I was actually kind of proud of this fact, not having a TV seems so hip and granola. But the Olympics are coming up, and Lynn gave us an old DVD player and an antenna, so we get slightly better reception and as soon as we get an adaptor to hook up the DVD player we'll watch movies on that instead of the laptop. We both wanted to watch the Olympics too... so that will be nice.

Last night I made a loaf of bread and some garlic butter to go with our spaghetti and caesar salad. It's funny, spaghetti is probably Cory's favourite meal, but to me it's more of a "I didn't feel like cooking tonight" kind of thing, unless I make my own spaghetti sauce. But I usually just use the stuff in a jar (spinach and cheese is my favourite!). So last night to feel more gourmet I made a loaf of white bread. I hate the white bread that you buy at the grocery store, but the homemade stuff? Oh wow oh wow. I also made some garlic butter - last time I made it I just mixed garlic powder and dehydrated parsely in with some butter, but last night I minced up some fresh garlic and fresh parsely, and it was night and day. A thousand times better! On warm white bread fresh out of the oven... fantastic. However for once I wished I had a garlic press. I always just chop up my garlic with a knife, it's fast and easy, but for this I wanted it really fine to mix it all in, but I don't have a press. I just took a bit longer with the knife, but I still think it would have been better to have the press. Oh well, maybe someday when I have an extra $10 floating around. Like that will ever happen.

And tonight for supper - one of my all time favourites. Sesame noodles with chicken and cucumbers. Sounds weird, but sooooooo good. Baby is tiring of Jumperoo, so I suppose this must come to a close.

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  1. Emily, if you're ever visiting anyone in Moncton... I have an extra garlic press that I can't return (no receipt!!). It's from Sobey's and is beautiful :-)