Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Good Tuesday.

Although today started with a slight change of plans - I was supposed to take the car and go to Mom's group and town but Cory ended up needing it - it was altogether a good one. I've been dealing with a more-fussy-than-normal baby the past couple days, but today seemed to be an improvement, though still not back to his normal self. My poor husband... I left last night for an hour to go to the new Pilates class at the school, and apparently the wee one screamed his head off the entire time. He was finally asleep when I got home, so I got to miss the entire meltdown. I feel bad for Eli, but worse for Cory, who was trying every trick he knew to get him to calm down. Eventually he just put him in his crib, he cried for ten more minutes and then fell asleep just before I came home.
Today, though, he was better. Behaviour-wise, anyway. When we got up in the morning I put him on the change table, took off his sleeper and his diaper, at which point he promptly peed all over himself. Then puked. All over himself. Then smiled up at me. So, being the dutiful mother that I am, I ran a bath for him, washed him down, dried him off and put him back on the change table to get him dressed, at which point he promptly peed all over himself. I realize that any mother worth her salt would have patiently and sweetly drawn him another bath and washed him down again, but I didn't. I said "screw it" and wiped him off with a damp cloth.
After THAT was over, we got a lot done in the morning, and read books and giggled and had a good time, just the two of us. After lunch we went for a walk! I felt motivated after the Pilates class of the night before, so we very ambitiously decided to walk around Beulah. PHEW! I did it on Friday and was fine, but I wasn't pushing a stroller then. Pushing Eli makes it a lot harder, and there are a lot of steep hills in Beulah, especially the LONG hill at the end. I really have no idea how far it is, but I'm thinking around 3km, maybe a bit longer. It took me about 40 minutes anyway.
After Cory got home from work today he too felt ambitious, so he decided to RUN around Beulah! The man hasn't run in over a year, and he just up and decides to run around Beulah. Then he does it! In twenty minutes! I was so impressed.
Speaking of impressed, imagine my surprise the other day when I came home from a homeschool meeting and found out that he had decided to make whipped cream for the dessert I left him. That's impressive enough on its own, but here's the clincher: he whipped it by hand. As in, with a whisk. Not the beaters, just a hand-held whisk. I asked him if he was crazy, and he said "Don't you always do it that way?" HA! As if! I don't even think I COULD do it that way if I wanted to. He said it was really hard, and the only thing that kept him going was thinking "If Emily can do this, I can do this." Imagine his disgust when he learned that I use the beaters. "Oh. That would have been easier." Poor man.
So supper tonight: stir fry. It was delicious, and completely a spur of the moment decision. The problem with buying a side of beef whole instead of individual cuts of meat at the store is that you really aren't quite sure have the time what you're pulling out of the freezer. I thought I had grabbed a couple of T-bone steaks for dinner, but instead when they thawed found these super thin, kind of icky-looking steaks that really didn't look like they would be that good on their own. So last second I decided to slice them up and make a stir-fry instead, and it turned out deliciously. Cory ate a massive plate of it, then an hour and a half later ate a tuna sandwich with an entire can of tuna, and half a box of Kraft Dinner. I think that run really increased his appetite.
The night finished off with turning on the TV just in time to watch Canada get another gold medal. We've had ridiculous luck with that, we've seen three gold medals live so far, and we barely turn the TV on! We just have a good instinct I guess. And right now... Troy is here fixing my dryer for me! Hooray for a dryer again!

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