Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I had to blog about my valentines day - as cliche as that is, because it was simply and truly the best one I've ever had. We had our dear friends Chester and Ashley Dana come stay with us this weekend, which was splendid, but it also meant Eli slept in the office, and not very well. He was up a lot through the night, and in the end I brought him into our bed to sleep. Not that that makes him sleep any better, I was just worried about him waking everyone else up. So I woke up tired, but my dear husband wished me a happy Valentine's Day first thing, then got up and took care of the baby for me and cleaned the house so I could get ready for church and start the stew for Sunday lunch, which was at our house. We had more than the usual crowd, in fact if everyone had come that normally comes, there would have been 29 people there. However we were missing a few, so there were only 22. It was very nice to meet the Macburnies, a family who used to come to our church but had moved out west for a few years. They've moved back, so while I had never met them personally I had heard lots about them, and it was nice to meet them. After church my sweet husband surprised me with a ridiculous and mildly suggestive Valentines card, the contents of which will not be repeated on the internet. I hadn't really expected him to get me anything, so I was shocked and slightly embarrassed. But it made me laugh. A few minutes later when I was nursing the baby he brought out a box of lindor chocolates, my favourite! Another surprise, that sweetheart! Then everyone started arriving for lunch and we had a wonderful afternoon of visiting and laughing. After everyone left Cory took charge of baby boy again and let me take a nap, but just before I fell asleep he came back into our room. He'd bought me hairbands, which were really cute, and a straightener! Not your typical valentine's gift, but I was so pleased because I'd been kind of wanting a hair straightener for a couple of months now but every time I went to look at them I could never justify it in my mind, so I never got one. Unlike in high school - where if I wanted something and had the money, I bought it - I now have other priorities. So I was so happy he got me one, because I probably never would have bought one on my own! Another completely unexpected gift! After my nap we went to evening service at church, while I thought that the gifts were done. Little did I know. After we got home Cory brought out smoked oysters, and sparkling wine, and while we cuddled on the couch enjoying that he brought out ANOTHER small box... earrings! Beautiful, elegant earrings. I have the best husband in the world.
And I still have dinner to look forward to - back at Christmas Cory won a gift certificate to Granan's in a draw at work, which is too expensive for us normally but with this we'll be able to go. So excited! My husband is so great!

Postscript: I wish there were some way to inform the whole world at one time that it's called Valentine's Day, not Valentime's Day. But there isn't. 

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