Monday, March 22, 2010


Another post about my dear little boy. He has his first tooth! I was so excited, but Cory was a bit underwhelmed. He complained that you couldn't really see it, only feel it, so it didn't count.

But then I chased him around the house with the washcloth I had just used to wipe the baby's bum.

And then he saw things more my way.

Yesterday was lunch at Dallas C's house - 24 people! I had made dessert, two 9x13 chocolate cakes and 22 chocolate cupcakes, since we had actually been expecting closer to 30 people. I only brought one of the cakes and all the cupcakes, since I didn't really think we needed both, but Dallas's dear sweet mother, because it was his birthday on Saturday, had made - get this - a chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes. So we had quite enough dessert. I think all the kids got at least two cupcakes and a piece of cake. And now at home Cory and I are working our way through the leftover cake. Yes, I know I gave up sweets for Lent, but this weekend was a bit of a write-off. Having to make dessert for a crowd when you're tired and emotional results in lots of tasting.

Tomorrow it's off to the doctor again for six month shots. Here's hoping they go as well as four month shots did, he barely even noticed those ones! I'm excited to see how much he's grown - I'm guessing he's around 16 pounds, maybe a little more, but we'll just have to see. He's a very average baby, been right around the 50th percentile his entire life. That would make sense, since I'm just a bit above average height and Cory's a bit below it.We're also going to head to Mom's group in town. It's been cancelled for weeks now, due to March Break and a sudden outbreak of chicken pox, but I'm told it's safe to venture out again! I don't know how old babies are supposed to be before it's safe for them to get chicken pox, but I'm thinking it would be best to avoid it until he's at least a year old.

Well, the master of the house is going to be home in half an hour or so... and I still have to scrub the toilets. Ah the life of a housewife. Wouldn't have it any other way :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My son.

Being now an experienced mother of six months (almost), I feel I'm quite qualified to write on the subject of motherhood, specifically that short phase surrounding childbirth. I was contemplating tonight as I held my sleeping son the events surrounding his birth - how reality was different from my expectations, how in some cases my expectations were too high, in other cases too low.

Breastfeeding was a bit of a shocker, I must admit. Curse those nurses. After struggling for an hour to get the child woken up and latched on, all I hear is "Does it hurt? If it hurts you aren't doing it right! Break his latch and try again!" I have serious doubts about whether any of those women had actually ever nursed a child. OF COURSE it hurts! Looking back, I'm not sure what they were thinking, telling me that it shouldn't hurt. You take a creature whose sole purpose in life is to suck as hard as it can on anything that comes into its mouth, then place one of the most sensitive parts of your entire anatomy into that mouth, and tell me it's not supposed to hurt? Oh how I longed to simply stuff a bottle into his mouth. All that nonsense about feeling so connected to your child, the bonding experience as he draws his very life from your body... at that point I couldn't have cared less.

But of course that's changed. It doesn't hurt now, it's virtually effortless, and I'm rewarded by sweet smiles. In the beginning though...

If I turn my mind back to those hours right before he was born, I remember the anticipation, the excitement. I was going to MEET this person that, even though I'd never seen, I felt so incredibly connected to. He was part of me, and I was finally going to see him! Reality was so different than I thought. Sure I loved him from the moment I saw him, of course I did. I thought he was beautiful! But I somehow thought there was going to be this rush of overwhelming emotion and feeling and love, and to be honest, there really wasn't. Instead it was more like going through the most painful, exhausting experience of my life and when it was finally over, instead of being able to rest and recover, some nurse had the nerve to hand me this squalling infant and expect me to care for it! He felt like such a stranger to me at first. That's what I called him - "Little Stranger." Taking care of him felt awkward and strange, I kept feeling like someone was going to come take their baby back from me. It was like babysitting.

But gradually, almost inperceptably, my feelings and emotions have undergone a complete turnover. I hold my son now and he is so familiar to me. I know every inch of him, I know what he's thinking by the look on his face, even though he barely knows what he's thinking. I can tell his cries apart, I know when he's hungry, when he's tired and when he's in pain. I know when he just wants his Mommy, and when he wants to explore the world as far away from me as he can get!

I should have been prepared. Marriage was the exact same. Sure people tell you that it's different than you think it's going to be... but you don't really understand what they mean. Inside you are sure that the minute those vows are read and you are really officially married - or at least by the next day - you are going to feel completely different towards your spouse. More in love, less fighting, just perfect bliss. Ha! I remember thinking, "I feel like I just moved in with him. Nothing's changed! He still bugs me!"

I don't know why we get our expectations up so high. Maybe God knows that if we really, really knew how hard marriage and parenting was going to be we would never go through with it. At any rate, I'm thankful for my reality. Like I fall more in love with my husband every day, I fall more in love with my son every day too. I wouldn't trade this life for anything!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fried Zucchini

May I please state that zucchini, heretofore rejected and thoroughly snubbed by myself, has now been adopted into the family of "Emily's Favourite Vegetables," right up there with broccoli and asparagus. Thanks to the magic of fried zucchini. Oh man oh man. Take the zucchini - slice it thinly. Melt some butter in a skillet. Throw in the zucchini, stir it around and start to cook it down, then give it a generous dash or three of soya sauce. Then COOK that zucchini, my friend! Cook it until it is limp, submissive, and almost falling apart. (I realize this not be the MOST health-concious way to eat this veg, but you have to give me some credit for eating it in the first place, right?) Then pile a big ol', huge ol' mound of it on your plate and stuff your face. Then do it again.

This is actually one of my new favourite treats. I like to have a treat while Cory's got men's Bible study going on and I'm banished to the bedroom, so it's usually avacado mashed up into delicious guacamole-ness, or this zucchini. It's THAT GOOD.

And who introduced me to this? My dear mother. She would make this for her and Dad sometimes while we were growing up, and never offered to share. Not that I would have accepted if she HAD offered, in fact I would have turned up my nose and gagged, but when she made this for me when staying with me the week after Eli was born I devoured it. In large quantities. And now I can't get enough of it.

But, like almost everything else in my life, this is probably just a phase. A few months from now and I'll be RAVING over some other delicious treat that I've discovered. I'm just like that. Non-commital. Thank heavens I can't escape from my marriage, or from being a mother, because knowing my sinful self I probably would try to, if it weren't for the grace of God.

Praise God for his grace in my life! And also for fried zucchini.