Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Kitchen Windows: A Retrospect

 When I first moved into the apartment, my wonderful mother-in-law had done a really great job fixing up the place. I can only imagine how many hours she put in making it ready for me, and I was amazed at her generosity with all the stuff she gave me. Her old vacuum cleaner, almost a full set of pots, silverware, you name it. When I moved in the place was fully stocked! Not only did she give me practical things, but she also found curtains for the rooms that didn't have any, and decorated with plants and knick-knacks all around. Most of the stuff I loved, and kept, but this one window in my kitchen, while I liked it, never quite felt like "me." She had hung adorable curtains, and put little china figures on the nooks around it. I loved the curtains, still do, but wasn't big on the figurines.These aren't exactly "before" pictures, originally that plant wasn't there and there was another figure there and on the left. But you get the idea. The lighthouse was my own addition, I liked it, and still do.

Here's the thing though: I'm lazy. And I didn't know what to put there, so I just left it, even though I didn't really like it. For almost two years. Yeah, I know. That's bad. A few months ago Cory put that plant there, which I liked, but the window still wasn't me. That changed today. Behold, my new window. I know the change is really not that drastic, but I did it, and I'm proud of myself for finally getting off my lazy behind and making something that I like. The other window in the kitchen has candles and a Willow Tree figurine that my sister bought me on it, but I had no more candles, so I put these mason jars up there. Simple, incredible cheap, and much more "Emily." I put that other plant there too. Now finally, I am completely happy with my window. In the fall when we harvest our garden and do our canning I'll pull down these jars, fill them with delicious things from the garden and then put them back up, full. I'm thinking tomatoes and pickles. Then once we empty them, I'll just put empty jars back up. I'm completely content. Hopefully once we move into a house someday I won't be as lazy about home decorating as I have been in the apartment. I suppose I originally thought we would only be here for a year or so, but since it looks like we're sticking it out for a while, I am glad my kitchen is finally perfect. It's now my favourite room in the house. More pictures to follow...

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