Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Date

So I'm 21 now. Really old. NOT.

Will I ever feel old? I got married and started my family so soon I feel like I'm way too young to be doing what I'm doing. I suppose 20 years from now that will start to average itself out. Maybe. Then again, 20 years from now I'll have a 20 year old, and I'll only be 41... nevermind. I guess I'll always feel young.

There are worse things to feel.

So I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance and blogging during the commercials and judges' comments. Honestly, they need to put a time limit on those judges. And why do they keep having four? I watched a clip on TV just the other night of Nigel Lythgoe saying that he thought four judges on American Idol was ridiculous, and too many, so why on earth is it ok for SYTYCD? Get back to the dancing please.

My birthday turned out to be GREAT. Day of a bunch of us went to Pizza Delight for my free lunch, which was fantastic, and Cory worked that night. Not fantastic, but whatever. Grammy called me, I went to Myers' for supper, then had Luke and Michal and Holly over after supper. Luke and Michal watched a movie, Holly and I chatted. It was nice to not be alone.

Best day though, came on Saturday. Lynn's (Cory's mom) birthday was Friday, so we took her uptown to see the buskers. We ate lunch at the Alehouse, which was super nice! I had never eaten there before, they had really good food. Plus Lynn paid, which is always a nice bonus. We saw a couple of acts before Eli got too tired and we had to go home, but it was fun! We drove back home then turned around and went right back into town, because Lynn babysat Eli and Cory took me out for a real date! We've gone out a couple of times since he was born, but both times only after he was already asleep for the night. This was our first time leaving him while he was still awake, but he did great Lynn said afterwards! In the mean time, we had a blast. It was so nice to get prettied up, wear my hair down because I didn't have to worry about someone using it as a ladder or a chew toy, and go out with my husband. We went to Grannan's first, expensive I know but we had a couple of gift cards. Dinner was fantastic, I love seafood so much. After dinner we went to a movie (another gift card). We saw Despicable Me, it was adorable. Loved it. It's no "Up," but still really cute. After the movie we picked up a few groceries at Sobeys, which while not quite as romantic, was still nice to do without the baby. It was a great birthday.

And then on Sunday we got to go see Anthony and Olivia and our precious little nieces and nephew! It was too bad we got there right before bedtime, because we didn't get to spend a lot of time with them, but they are wonderful. I'm still amazed how much love you can have for kids you barely know, just because they are family. They are wonderful.

VBS has been this past week and my poor little boy has been tired out by it! His poor little mama has been tired too. Cory's working the evening shift so he was able to help out too, which was great. I taught the 6-8 year olds and Eli was in the nursery class. He has a great time as long as he can't see me. As soon as he catches sight of me, he wants me to hold him, but then once I've got him he gets fussy and squirmy. He doesn't really know what he wants. But he is awfully cute. My class was tiny (two kids the first day, four the second and three the third), but adorable. Kids that age say the cutest things, and they're so eager. They were real keeners to answer the questions during closing time, and I got a lot of compliments on my teaching abilities. In truth though, I think it was just that it was such a small class and they were so excited about VBS in general that they knew the answers. I probably wouldn't get so many compliments if they knew I prepared my lesson in the morning RIGHT before I taught it every day. Literally, I had to get up early every morning and write what I was going to teach that day. I was glad I had the outline Holly had made up in advance.

Some people have this perception of me that I'm a hyper-organized, always-has-everything-under-control, never forgets dates or what I need to do and when type of person. I'M NOT. I'm scatterbrained, disorganized and forgetful. And lazy. Unfortunately for me, I married someone who is equally if not more scatterbrained, disorganized and forgetful as I am. So we've tried to pull up to balance out each other's weaknesses, and we've both improved, but we both still leave things to the very last minute. I might actually be a bit worse than Cory when it comes to that, but somehow we both seem to pull it off. He writes sermons the morning of and still does a great job (which I cannot fathom how he does that), and back in our university days I wrote a paper the morning it was due (at eleven!) and pulled off an A. He can't fathom that. So there you go.

Marilyn taught the 9-12 year old class at VBS and she was telling me that she spent all day Monday and Tuesday the previous week preparing, and was going to spend Sunday night finishing up. She also did a lot of prep work each day setting up her classroom and getting handouts ready and making booklets for all the kids. I am not like her. I had no handouts, I only had colouring pages because Marilyn thoughtfully printed some out for me, and I spent half an hour every morning preparing. However, Marilyn is significantly older than I am, so I figure I've got some time to catch up. I don't think my house will EVER be as clean as hers though. I can dream...

Ok. I'm done. Bed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some Thoughts and Peeves.

Why do people, when writing the caption to a photo on facebook or flickr, write "Here we are, playing tourist!" or "Pretending to be tourists!" or "Acting like tourists!" when they actually are tourists? I don't understand - you're in Disneyland, but you're just pretending to be a tourist? Do you secretly live in Disneyland?
It's like there's an inferiority complex about being a tourist, as if somehow being a tourist makes you less of a person. But if you're just pretending, then you're awesome. Right.
I think it's because in movies tourists are always annoying and ignorant. Now, when I worked at Cape Enrage I encountered my fair share of annoying and/or ignorant tourists, but the people who bothered me the most, who reeeeally got under my skin, were the locals, or those who had been to Cape Enrage before, and therefore didn't consider themselves to be tourists. Some of them were great, but others had the most arrogant attitudes of anyone I met all summer. They would drive in like they owned the place, breezing past the greeter at the gate with a mere wave (they don't need to stop, after all, they're locals), then try to tell you they know more about the history of the place than you do, and complain that the chowder had changed from last summer. The chowder never changed, it had been the same recipe for YEARS. I sometimes thought that if one more person told me condescendingly that they'd been coming to the Cape since before I was born, I would throw my clipboard at them.
Ok, enough ranting about that. My point is, if you are a tourist, even if you've been to the place before, just embrace it and please don't try to pretend you're not, or that you are superior to all the little "tourists" that are visiting this landmark with you.


So I went to town today! Man this weather really gets to you, it was sooo hot. Got what I needed, although I still need to get a baby gate. Mom and Ariel are coming to visit tomorrow, looking forward to that...
Went to the Myers' and Eli playing in the pool with Gabe and Michal. It was cold, but he was brave about it until I think Michal accidentally kicked him in the head...? I dunno, I wasn't really paying attention, but he was ready to get out and hold his Mommy for a while. It was so nice to sit outside, in the shade with a cool breeze. This stuffy apartment makes me feel ill sometimes, it's so hot.
Sunday School picnic this weekend! I'm excited! Kelsey asked me to bring a dozen hot dog buns, and I had a moment (ok several moments) of crisis at the bun section of Superstore. It hurts me somewhere deep within to buy anything made with white flour. I feel like I personally am propagating the obesity epidemic and that I will be personally responsible for three people getting cancer if I bring white bread buns to the picnic, not to mention that I'm actually paying money to the companies that produce this garbage.
So I agonized over the whole wheat buns, but they only come in a pack of eight, and are almost twice as expensive plus I would need to buy two... so in the end I just shook my head, closed my eyes and grabbed the white buns. Honestly the whole wheat aren't a huge step up anyway, if I really wanted to be health conscious I would make them from scratch myself. But in this weather I'm just not feeling that ambitious.
Cory was helping unload groceries and was shocked when he saw white bread hot dog buns. He said he thought for a moment that I'd gotten heat stroke in town, until he remembered the picnic. He knows me so well...
After all that you'd think that I wouldn't eat any hot dogs on Sunday. But the reality is that I probably will. Even though I'm super picky about what I buy and bring into our house and what I cook for us to eat, I'm not that worried about eating super healthy outside the home. I have enough to worry about without bringing our own food to other people's houses and to events. Since we eat at home 95% of the time, and that's healthy, I'm not going to agonize about that last 5%.
On the topic of food let me rant again - bought "Olive Oil Cooking Spray" today. So you'd think it would be made out of olive oil, riiiight? Guess again! The ingredients read: "Extra virgin olive oil (how much do you want to bed that it's not cold pressed?), soy lethicin, water, soy fatty acids (hang on, I bought this because I wanted to AVOID soy!), and propellants isobutane (huh?) and propane. Hang on, propane? There is PROPANE in my cooking spray? That I cook my FOOD with? Last I checked, propane was for cooking your food, not for putting IN your food.
I don't use cooking spray much, I mostly just use butter and/or organic olive oil to cook my food, but I like it for spraying the cast iron frying pan in between pancakes. That's pretty much all I use it for, but now my pancakes have propane in them.
Eating healthy is a much bigger job than I originally thought it would be, when we first got married. It's a lot of work and a lot of money, and it seems the more I learn the more expensive it gets.
I shouldn't say that totally - meat has actually gotten a lot cheaper since we buy it locally. And milk is WAY cheaper when we get it from our neighbour's cow. So is the butter. Eggs are about the same as at the store. But organic produce from the grocery store so we can eat fruits and veggies all year round? That adds up.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Best Pancakes Ever.

I have to share my new favourite pancake recipe with the world. It makes thin, light, delicious pancakes and you would never know that they are incredibly healthy. As in, probably can't get healthier pancakes. Plus, you mix up the batter the night before, so in the morning you just throw in a couple more key ingredients and you're all set. These are the pancakes that Cory mutilated when he so sweetly tried to make them for me a few weeks ago, but done properly they are incredible. Here's the recipe:

The night before, throw into your blender:
1 cup buttermilk
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup (uncooked) rolled oats
1/2 cup (uncooked) brown rice
Turn the blender on high and let it go for three minutes.
I'm always scared this will wake up Eli, it's so loud, but it hasn't yet. My mom makes these pancakes with a whole cup of brown rice and no oats, because she needs them to be gluten free. They're just as delicious that way too, I just use oats because I like a mix of different types of nutritious grains. You can use other uncooked grains too I'm told, I've just never tried it.
Now you just let it sit, in the blender, on the counter overnight. Some people might worry about the buttermilk going bad or something, but it won't. Even if it sours slightly, it's still good to eat. We eat sour cream and yogurt without worrying about it, and this is just the same. Plus if it bothers you, it gets cooked afterward anyway.
In the morning, add to the blender:
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon flax seeds (optional, but I always use them)
Blend away for another minute or so, just to break up the flax seeds and get it really well combined.
Heat your skillet and make those pancakes! The batter is a bit on the runny side, but I like that because you end up with thinner pancakes, and I think those are better anyway. I like that it's already in the blender so it's super easy to just pour into the skillet.
In the end, you would never guess that these weren't made with white flour and sugar. But they aren't and that makes them the best thing ever! It's become our Sunday morning favourite. And it's so easy to make them gluten free, if Mom is visiting. A total win on all fronts.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dentists and Diapers

I had to go to the dentist today, and it was miserable. First: I had to leave Eli at home with Cory. Not that I don't trust Cory to take care of him, I just missed him, and kept thinking about him missing me, and it was sad. Second: I had to sit in the dentist's chair for two hours. I don't remember it ever taking that long before. Had four fillings, and the dentist really doesn't believe in overdoing the freezing. Now, actually I appreciate that, I don't want my whole face frozen, but he does it by giving you one little shot, then drilling to see if it hurts, then more freezing, more drilling, etc. He ended up giving me needles three times on one side and four times on the other. Of course you can't feel the needle going in after the first time, but it's still not pleasant having that very large syringe in your mouth. And my mouth is really sore now after all those shots.
Enough complaining though: on the positive note, got an X-ray of my jaw and I have no wisdom teeth, at all! The hygienist brought the X-ray into the room and set it down and left without telling me about it, so I was staring at it trying to figure out where the heck my wisdom teeth were. I felt really dumb actually that I couldn't figure out where they were, but turns out that's because they weren't there! I'm so glad I don't have to get expensive surgery, I was actually stressed out thinking about how I would take care of a baby if I had to get them out. And I'm pretty wimpy, so I know it would have taken a while for me to recover.
Got a call tonight from downstairs asking me if I had any unopened soothers. Someone from Beulah had come up the hill looking for one and they don't have them downstairs. Luckily I had a package that I hadn't used, since Eli gave them up months and months ago. Glad to help out, I know the sense of panic when you realize that you don't have one! HOWEVER, when I snuck into Eli's room to get it, I happened to notice that he was naked. Like, completely. Rotten kid. It's my own fault really, I know he can take his diaper off, I've known it for a while, but he was in just a diaper for a big chunk of today and never attempted it, and I just felt sorry for him, it's so desperately hot up here. So, stupid me put him to sleep in his diaper. Now of course I have a dilemma. Do I wake him up to put the diaper back on? Or do I just let him sleep blissfully naked and deal with the consequences in the morning? I think I've decided to just leave him alone and deal with it in the morning, and I'm praying that tonight's bodily functions are limited to number one.

I needed to wash his quilt anyway.

But I wish I could take a picture of him, he is so cute curled up in his crib, his little naked bum stuck up in the air. Why are baby bums so incredibly precious? Why do I have this urge just to go in there and kiss it? Not going to, I'm just asking.

So. Cute.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Canada

We've had a great couple of days. Last weekend when my sister Lianne was here visiting we went uptown and forgot the baby stroller. Cory carried Eli in the Snugli, but a few blocks of that was all he could take. We went to Stylin' Mama Baby and Tot just to look at the hiking backpacks, Cory tried one on and wouldn't take it off. So we bought it.
We had been meaning to get one for a while though, and already we've used it a lot! It's so nice to be able to go in the woods with the baby, we haven't done much of that yet. I pulled him in the sled once when we went tromping through the woods looking for a Christmas tree, but that doesn't really work in July. So now that we have it, and spent the money, we're determined to USE it. Facebook photos reflect our exploits. We took a quick jaunt down to the brook on Wednesday so Cory could go swimming. Eli and I sat on the bank and watched him with adoration in our eyes - but for different reasons.
Thursday was Canada Day so Cory was home, which was nice. We thought about going uptown, but elected to stay home, weed the garden, and eat barbeque with Lynn. She makes really good steak. After dinner we went up to Oak Point with Dallas and did some hiking on the old railroad track, up to the wharf and back. On a side note - why does no one ever know how to spell wharf? There's an "h" in it, people! Not warf! Wasn't that a character on Star Trek? Warf? I dunno. Beside the point. We got to use the hiking backpack again. That night we put Eli down at Lynn's house and went to the Dotson's for a bonfire just the two of us. Exciting! It was a nice night. I can't imagine living back in the city and not being able to just gather for a bonfire in someone's backyard whenever you wanted to. I would miss it so much. Never thought I would be a "country girl," but here I am, and I love it!
And now today (Saturday) we went hiking again! This time Mt. Champlain, and it was hard work. Didn't think I could make it there a few times, I'm quite out of shape, but I did it and it feels good. It was about two hours there and back, and I soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I can't imagine having to do it with a baby on my back, Cory is one tough man. He was telling me that he used to run stretches up the mountain when he was a teenager. That is crazy.
Speaking of Cory, he was my hero this morning. Got up with the baby and let me sleep in, it was so nice! I only slept in until 8, mind you, because a dog barking outside my window woke me up, but it was still really great. He also made pancakes, but that was unfortunately a flop. I had mixed up a pancake batter the night before because it has to sit overnight, but you don't add all the ingredients until morning, so it was missing a few things, plus he didn't stir it so it was all settled. They were pretty gross, but I appreciated the effort so much! He threw up his hands and took me to the Evandale Resort, so all was not lost. While not quite as healthy as my brown rice pancakes, breakfast there was fantastic, as always.
I've got to go make supper - we're experimenting with liver, for tonight. Wish me luck!