Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Date

So I'm 21 now. Really old. NOT.

Will I ever feel old? I got married and started my family so soon I feel like I'm way too young to be doing what I'm doing. I suppose 20 years from now that will start to average itself out. Maybe. Then again, 20 years from now I'll have a 20 year old, and I'll only be 41... nevermind. I guess I'll always feel young.

There are worse things to feel.

So I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance and blogging during the commercials and judges' comments. Honestly, they need to put a time limit on those judges. And why do they keep having four? I watched a clip on TV just the other night of Nigel Lythgoe saying that he thought four judges on American Idol was ridiculous, and too many, so why on earth is it ok for SYTYCD? Get back to the dancing please.

My birthday turned out to be GREAT. Day of a bunch of us went to Pizza Delight for my free lunch, which was fantastic, and Cory worked that night. Not fantastic, but whatever. Grammy called me, I went to Myers' for supper, then had Luke and Michal and Holly over after supper. Luke and Michal watched a movie, Holly and I chatted. It was nice to not be alone.

Best day though, came on Saturday. Lynn's (Cory's mom) birthday was Friday, so we took her uptown to see the buskers. We ate lunch at the Alehouse, which was super nice! I had never eaten there before, they had really good food. Plus Lynn paid, which is always a nice bonus. We saw a couple of acts before Eli got too tired and we had to go home, but it was fun! We drove back home then turned around and went right back into town, because Lynn babysat Eli and Cory took me out for a real date! We've gone out a couple of times since he was born, but both times only after he was already asleep for the night. This was our first time leaving him while he was still awake, but he did great Lynn said afterwards! In the mean time, we had a blast. It was so nice to get prettied up, wear my hair down because I didn't have to worry about someone using it as a ladder or a chew toy, and go out with my husband. We went to Grannan's first, expensive I know but we had a couple of gift cards. Dinner was fantastic, I love seafood so much. After dinner we went to a movie (another gift card). We saw Despicable Me, it was adorable. Loved it. It's no "Up," but still really cute. After the movie we picked up a few groceries at Sobeys, which while not quite as romantic, was still nice to do without the baby. It was a great birthday.

And then on Sunday we got to go see Anthony and Olivia and our precious little nieces and nephew! It was too bad we got there right before bedtime, because we didn't get to spend a lot of time with them, but they are wonderful. I'm still amazed how much love you can have for kids you barely know, just because they are family. They are wonderful.

VBS has been this past week and my poor little boy has been tired out by it! His poor little mama has been tired too. Cory's working the evening shift so he was able to help out too, which was great. I taught the 6-8 year olds and Eli was in the nursery class. He has a great time as long as he can't see me. As soon as he catches sight of me, he wants me to hold him, but then once I've got him he gets fussy and squirmy. He doesn't really know what he wants. But he is awfully cute. My class was tiny (two kids the first day, four the second and three the third), but adorable. Kids that age say the cutest things, and they're so eager. They were real keeners to answer the questions during closing time, and I got a lot of compliments on my teaching abilities. In truth though, I think it was just that it was such a small class and they were so excited about VBS in general that they knew the answers. I probably wouldn't get so many compliments if they knew I prepared my lesson in the morning RIGHT before I taught it every day. Literally, I had to get up early every morning and write what I was going to teach that day. I was glad I had the outline Holly had made up in advance.

Some people have this perception of me that I'm a hyper-organized, always-has-everything-under-control, never forgets dates or what I need to do and when type of person. I'M NOT. I'm scatterbrained, disorganized and forgetful. And lazy. Unfortunately for me, I married someone who is equally if not more scatterbrained, disorganized and forgetful as I am. So we've tried to pull up to balance out each other's weaknesses, and we've both improved, but we both still leave things to the very last minute. I might actually be a bit worse than Cory when it comes to that, but somehow we both seem to pull it off. He writes sermons the morning of and still does a great job (which I cannot fathom how he does that), and back in our university days I wrote a paper the morning it was due (at eleven!) and pulled off an A. He can't fathom that. So there you go.

Marilyn taught the 9-12 year old class at VBS and she was telling me that she spent all day Monday and Tuesday the previous week preparing, and was going to spend Sunday night finishing up. She also did a lot of prep work each day setting up her classroom and getting handouts ready and making booklets for all the kids. I am not like her. I had no handouts, I only had colouring pages because Marilyn thoughtfully printed some out for me, and I spent half an hour every morning preparing. However, Marilyn is significantly older than I am, so I figure I've got some time to catch up. I don't think my house will EVER be as clean as hers though. I can dream...

Ok. I'm done. Bed.

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