Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dentists and Diapers

I had to go to the dentist today, and it was miserable. First: I had to leave Eli at home with Cory. Not that I don't trust Cory to take care of him, I just missed him, and kept thinking about him missing me, and it was sad. Second: I had to sit in the dentist's chair for two hours. I don't remember it ever taking that long before. Had four fillings, and the dentist really doesn't believe in overdoing the freezing. Now, actually I appreciate that, I don't want my whole face frozen, but he does it by giving you one little shot, then drilling to see if it hurts, then more freezing, more drilling, etc. He ended up giving me needles three times on one side and four times on the other. Of course you can't feel the needle going in after the first time, but it's still not pleasant having that very large syringe in your mouth. And my mouth is really sore now after all those shots.
Enough complaining though: on the positive note, got an X-ray of my jaw and I have no wisdom teeth, at all! The hygienist brought the X-ray into the room and set it down and left without telling me about it, so I was staring at it trying to figure out where the heck my wisdom teeth were. I felt really dumb actually that I couldn't figure out where they were, but turns out that's because they weren't there! I'm so glad I don't have to get expensive surgery, I was actually stressed out thinking about how I would take care of a baby if I had to get them out. And I'm pretty wimpy, so I know it would have taken a while for me to recover.
Got a call tonight from downstairs asking me if I had any unopened soothers. Someone from Beulah had come up the hill looking for one and they don't have them downstairs. Luckily I had a package that I hadn't used, since Eli gave them up months and months ago. Glad to help out, I know the sense of panic when you realize that you don't have one! HOWEVER, when I snuck into Eli's room to get it, I happened to notice that he was naked. Like, completely. Rotten kid. It's my own fault really, I know he can take his diaper off, I've known it for a while, but he was in just a diaper for a big chunk of today and never attempted it, and I just felt sorry for him, it's so desperately hot up here. So, stupid me put him to sleep in his diaper. Now of course I have a dilemma. Do I wake him up to put the diaper back on? Or do I just let him sleep blissfully naked and deal with the consequences in the morning? I think I've decided to just leave him alone and deal with it in the morning, and I'm praying that tonight's bodily functions are limited to number one.

I needed to wash his quilt anyway.

But I wish I could take a picture of him, he is so cute curled up in his crib, his little naked bum stuck up in the air. Why are baby bums so incredibly precious? Why do I have this urge just to go in there and kiss it? Not going to, I'm just asking.

So. Cute.

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