Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Canada

We've had a great couple of days. Last weekend when my sister Lianne was here visiting we went uptown and forgot the baby stroller. Cory carried Eli in the Snugli, but a few blocks of that was all he could take. We went to Stylin' Mama Baby and Tot just to look at the hiking backpacks, Cory tried one on and wouldn't take it off. So we bought it.
We had been meaning to get one for a while though, and already we've used it a lot! It's so nice to be able to go in the woods with the baby, we haven't done much of that yet. I pulled him in the sled once when we went tromping through the woods looking for a Christmas tree, but that doesn't really work in July. So now that we have it, and spent the money, we're determined to USE it. Facebook photos reflect our exploits. We took a quick jaunt down to the brook on Wednesday so Cory could go swimming. Eli and I sat on the bank and watched him with adoration in our eyes - but for different reasons.
Thursday was Canada Day so Cory was home, which was nice. We thought about going uptown, but elected to stay home, weed the garden, and eat barbeque with Lynn. She makes really good steak. After dinner we went up to Oak Point with Dallas and did some hiking on the old railroad track, up to the wharf and back. On a side note - why does no one ever know how to spell wharf? There's an "h" in it, people! Not warf! Wasn't that a character on Star Trek? Warf? I dunno. Beside the point. We got to use the hiking backpack again. That night we put Eli down at Lynn's house and went to the Dotson's for a bonfire just the two of us. Exciting! It was a nice night. I can't imagine living back in the city and not being able to just gather for a bonfire in someone's backyard whenever you wanted to. I would miss it so much. Never thought I would be a "country girl," but here I am, and I love it!
And now today (Saturday) we went hiking again! This time Mt. Champlain, and it was hard work. Didn't think I could make it there a few times, I'm quite out of shape, but I did it and it feels good. It was about two hours there and back, and I soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I can't imagine having to do it with a baby on my back, Cory is one tough man. He was telling me that he used to run stretches up the mountain when he was a teenager. That is crazy.
Speaking of Cory, he was my hero this morning. Got up with the baby and let me sleep in, it was so nice! I only slept in until 8, mind you, because a dog barking outside my window woke me up, but it was still really great. He also made pancakes, but that was unfortunately a flop. I had mixed up a pancake batter the night before because it has to sit overnight, but you don't add all the ingredients until morning, so it was missing a few things, plus he didn't stir it so it was all settled. They were pretty gross, but I appreciated the effort so much! He threw up his hands and took me to the Evandale Resort, so all was not lost. While not quite as healthy as my brown rice pancakes, breakfast there was fantastic, as always.
I've got to go make supper - we're experimenting with liver, for tonight. Wish me luck!

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