Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some Thoughts and Peeves.

Why do people, when writing the caption to a photo on facebook or flickr, write "Here we are, playing tourist!" or "Pretending to be tourists!" or "Acting like tourists!" when they actually are tourists? I don't understand - you're in Disneyland, but you're just pretending to be a tourist? Do you secretly live in Disneyland?
It's like there's an inferiority complex about being a tourist, as if somehow being a tourist makes you less of a person. But if you're just pretending, then you're awesome. Right.
I think it's because in movies tourists are always annoying and ignorant. Now, when I worked at Cape Enrage I encountered my fair share of annoying and/or ignorant tourists, but the people who bothered me the most, who reeeeally got under my skin, were the locals, or those who had been to Cape Enrage before, and therefore didn't consider themselves to be tourists. Some of them were great, but others had the most arrogant attitudes of anyone I met all summer. They would drive in like they owned the place, breezing past the greeter at the gate with a mere wave (they don't need to stop, after all, they're locals), then try to tell you they know more about the history of the place than you do, and complain that the chowder had changed from last summer. The chowder never changed, it had been the same recipe for YEARS. I sometimes thought that if one more person told me condescendingly that they'd been coming to the Cape since before I was born, I would throw my clipboard at them.
Ok, enough ranting about that. My point is, if you are a tourist, even if you've been to the place before, just embrace it and please don't try to pretend you're not, or that you are superior to all the little "tourists" that are visiting this landmark with you.


So I went to town today! Man this weather really gets to you, it was sooo hot. Got what I needed, although I still need to get a baby gate. Mom and Ariel are coming to visit tomorrow, looking forward to that...
Went to the Myers' and Eli playing in the pool with Gabe and Michal. It was cold, but he was brave about it until I think Michal accidentally kicked him in the head...? I dunno, I wasn't really paying attention, but he was ready to get out and hold his Mommy for a while. It was so nice to sit outside, in the shade with a cool breeze. This stuffy apartment makes me feel ill sometimes, it's so hot.
Sunday School picnic this weekend! I'm excited! Kelsey asked me to bring a dozen hot dog buns, and I had a moment (ok several moments) of crisis at the bun section of Superstore. It hurts me somewhere deep within to buy anything made with white flour. I feel like I personally am propagating the obesity epidemic and that I will be personally responsible for three people getting cancer if I bring white bread buns to the picnic, not to mention that I'm actually paying money to the companies that produce this garbage.
So I agonized over the whole wheat buns, but they only come in a pack of eight, and are almost twice as expensive plus I would need to buy two... so in the end I just shook my head, closed my eyes and grabbed the white buns. Honestly the whole wheat aren't a huge step up anyway, if I really wanted to be health conscious I would make them from scratch myself. But in this weather I'm just not feeling that ambitious.
Cory was helping unload groceries and was shocked when he saw white bread hot dog buns. He said he thought for a moment that I'd gotten heat stroke in town, until he remembered the picnic. He knows me so well...
After all that you'd think that I wouldn't eat any hot dogs on Sunday. But the reality is that I probably will. Even though I'm super picky about what I buy and bring into our house and what I cook for us to eat, I'm not that worried about eating super healthy outside the home. I have enough to worry about without bringing our own food to other people's houses and to events. Since we eat at home 95% of the time, and that's healthy, I'm not going to agonize about that last 5%.
On the topic of food let me rant again - bought "Olive Oil Cooking Spray" today. So you'd think it would be made out of olive oil, riiiight? Guess again! The ingredients read: "Extra virgin olive oil (how much do you want to bed that it's not cold pressed?), soy lethicin, water, soy fatty acids (hang on, I bought this because I wanted to AVOID soy!), and propellants isobutane (huh?) and propane. Hang on, propane? There is PROPANE in my cooking spray? That I cook my FOOD with? Last I checked, propane was for cooking your food, not for putting IN your food.
I don't use cooking spray much, I mostly just use butter and/or organic olive oil to cook my food, but I like it for spraying the cast iron frying pan in between pancakes. That's pretty much all I use it for, but now my pancakes have propane in them.
Eating healthy is a much bigger job than I originally thought it would be, when we first got married. It's a lot of work and a lot of money, and it seems the more I learn the more expensive it gets.
I shouldn't say that totally - meat has actually gotten a lot cheaper since we buy it locally. And milk is WAY cheaper when we get it from our neighbour's cow. So is the butter. Eggs are about the same as at the store. But organic produce from the grocery store so we can eat fruits and veggies all year round? That adds up.

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