Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pregnant-Lady Breakfast

Thought I would share my current favourite breakfast. Keeps me full (almost) all morning and is chock FULL of good things for the little one.
Starting with shoving a piece of bread in the toaster - ideally I would use my own, homemade bread but that doesn't always happen, so then I just use the healthiest store-bought I can find. Even that isn't that great though, so I really try to have homemade on hand. Once toasted, I pull it out and spread with homemade mayo, which has got enzymes to help your digestion and raw olive oil, which is the healthiest way to consume it. Slice the best quality cheddar I can find at the store (I'm not quite into making my own cheese yet haha), and then top with two scrambled eggs, made with locally bought farm fresh eggs beat with a splash of heavy cream and salt and pepper, scrambled in a generous amount of butter. Serve it up with a small glass of whole, raw milk.
This makes for a delicious, protein-rich breakfast that keeps me full. At least until 11, when I need an apple to hold me over until lunch. Surprisingly, eating this generous, full-of-fat breakfast has actually had me gaining less weight than I did with my first pregnancy, when I would find time for perhaps a bagel or a piece of fruit and a soy protein shake. Plus I have more energy and feel better.
I know the health benefits of soy are lauded all over North America, but I remain dubious. The studies showing what large amounts of soy can do to little boys has scared me off it completely. I used to love soy milk, and even though I didn't really like them I drank soy protein shakes because they are supposed to be good for you, but I've cut off all soy except for the naturally fermented stuff in soy sauce. The hormones in soy closely imitate female hormones like estrogen, and can very much mess with a young boy's development. Might make me feel better, but I'm not willing to take the risk! They're also not really sure of the effects on young girls, but there is a suspicion that it might be one of the reasons for earlier puberty. I just feel better avoiding the stuff.
For now, I'll stick with my filling, fatty, delicious breakfast that's as natural as I can get it, and know that I'm doing good for my body and my baby!

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