Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sleep Talk

After a fun night with the other homeschool moms in our group last night, full of food (I made a sugar-free blueberry pie, recipe below!) and good talk, I came home around eleven and Cory was already in bed. I wasn't surprised since he has to get up quite early for work, but I kind of needed to ask him a question. We'd been having transportation issues with trying to get the car to Walmart at 3 today to get the winter tires put on, and he was supposed to work a different shift so the original  plan was that I was going to have to drive him into work this morning, then go back into town to get the tires put on and pick him up. He was going to try to switch shifts though so I didn't have to do that, and I needed to know.
I came into our room, turned the lamp on so I could get ready for bed and said hello. He rolled over, smiled at me and said hi back. Then proceeded a conversation that I can't remember all of, but sounded something like this...
Me: So do I still need to drive you to work in the morning?
Him: Uh... no.
Me: Oh? Why not?
Him: Why?
Me: Why don't I have to drive you to work?
Him: Oh, I don't have to go to work tomorrow morning.
Me: What? What are you talking about Cory?
Him: I can go in whenever I want to.
Me: I don't think so. Are you awake?
Insert session of me trying to wake Cory up while he tries to convince me alternately that he's already awake or just to leave him alone and let him sleep. I try a different tactic.
Me: Do you need me to take the car in to get the winter tires on tomorrow?
Him: No.
Me: Why not?
Him: Winter tires?
Me: Yes, do you need me to go to Walmart and get the tires put on the car?
Him: No.
Him: They're already on the car.
Me: They are NOT already on the car, they are sitting in the hallway.
Him: They're already on the car.
Me: Wake up!
Him: Walmart.

There was more, but I've forgotten some. At this point I shook him (under protests) until he was awake enough to tell me that he was working his normal shift and could take the car in after work. At least I hope he was awake. He left for work at his normal time this morning anyway. It was a very exasperating conversation.

On to blueberry pie... which I was VERY proud of. I don't think I've ever had a pie turn out that well before so I was pretty pleased, AND it tasted good despite no sugar. Yum.
I generally use Pioneer Woman's recipe for perfect pie crust, and as long as I make it far enough ahead of time that I can freeze it for a day or two before using it it turns out perfectly. The freezing really seems to do something to make it turn out flakier. I also ALWAYS roll out my crust in between sheets of cling wrap. That way no extra flour messes up the consistency of the crust and you don't have dough sticking to your table and your rolling pin, and it's easy to pick up and put in the pie plate.
For the filling, I used:
4 c. frozen blueberries
1/4 cup honey
pinch of stevia
2 tbsp butter
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp arrowroot (cornstarch would work, arrowroot is just healthier!)
pinch salt
I melted the butter and honey together, added the other ingredients then poured that over the blueberries. Add a top crust, bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes and then 350 for about 40. Served with whipped cream sweetened with maple syrup. Very, very pleased with how it turned out. No sugar, and no artificial sweeteners either. All natural, all good.

I might eat some for breakfast. Watch me.

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  1. Too funny!

    I have never thought of putting pie crust between cling wrap. That is a really good idea, I will have to try it next time :)