Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So I made a beef curry for dinner tonight with some leftover steak I had in the fridge, and Cory and I both loved it SOOO much that he made me promise to write down somewhere what I put in it so that I could replicate it. Because I pretty much totally made it up, and I'm sure by tomorrow will have no recollection of what I put in it. So... if you cared... here's what was in it. I'm not writing down amounts because I honestly have NO IDEA what amount of anything I put in, I just tossed in ingredients. When in doubt, a tablespoon is always a good place to start. At least that's my motto. Except for the chili flakes. That would be bad.

Emily's Own Beef Curry
Olive oil and butter
Diced onion
Minced garlic
Thinly sliced beef (I used leftover steak)
Ginger (I use the prepared stuff in a jar, fresh is probably better!)
Chili powder
Peanut satay sauce (just a spoonful or two from a jar)
Curry powder (lots!)
Chili flakes
Fish sauce (just a dash or so)
White sugar (I know, I'm a hypocrite. Just a tablespoon though!)
Lime juice
Tomato paste (a spoonful)
Chicken stock (around 2 cups??)
A can of coconut milk

I brought it all to a boil and simmered on the stove for about 2 1/2 hours so that the beef would be nice and falling apart. It was! Toward the end of the cooking time I thickened it up a little bit with some flour and water (use arrowroot and water for a GF version). I was going for a Thai-style curry, and so tried to stick to the four "S's" of Thai cooking: sweet, spicy, sour and salty. Hence the sugar, spices, lime juice and fish sauce. You could easily use other ingredients, it's just good to remember those four flavours and try to get them all into whatever you're cooking. It will turn out delicious! I made a Pad Thai the other day that was really good too, not authentic by any stretch of the imagination (the sauce contained ketchup), but very good none the less. Could have used more sauce (note to self).

Anyway, so I served my curry on top of brown rice with broccoli on the side (another authentic Thai ingredient, ha ha), and all three of us had seconds. And/or thirds. And/or fourths. That might have been me.

If I'd had the motivation, I would have cubed a potato or two and thrown that in there, also cauliflower or chick peas would be really good just to flesh it out a little, but I didn't have either of those on hand. A handful of fresh cilantro thrown in at the end of the cooking time would also have been divine, but I didn't have that either. As it turns out it didn't really matter because it was so good, but it would have made it a little more gourmet!

Alright, that's written down, Cory will be happy, I'll be happy next time I go to make it that I can find what I did, and the world is a better place. Good night!

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