Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perfect Mother

I'm doing it again.

Was it only a few months ago when I wrote that post about all my worries of not being able to afford the very best educational toys and books for my son, and how I was fast becoming convinced that he would wind up an unproductive and uneducated member of society if I didn't buy him the right stuff? My conclusion was (as it usually is) that I'm crazy and need to trust God more and worry less. Much less.

But I'm doing it again.

I see what everyone else is doing for Christmas, and I'm stressing out. We don't have traditions yet! We've only been married for two years, this is our third Christmas together and we honestly don't have anything figured out yet. I know everyone else doesn't either, but it feels like they do. Adorable advent calendars where they all do an activity together as a family every day. Christmas baking, volunteering at local food banks, etc. etc. I wasn't so worried last Christmas because Eli was only 3 months old, and I knew he wouldn't remember anything. This year he's going to be 15 months old, and even though I still know in my head that he's not going to remember this Christmas, I so want it to be special now that he's old enough to start doing some activities.

But I'm struggling with coming up with stuff. I'm not the super creative type, I don't make cute decorations for my house, I don't scrapbook or make handmade Christmas cards, I'm just a "keep it simple" kinda gal. And you know what? I'm learning that that's ok. My mom wasn't the super creative type either, she never did Christmas baking or made cards and although she always provided materials for creativity I don't remember any big Christmas crafts or projects that we all did together. And do I have sad, negative memories of the Christmas season growing up? Of course not! I loved Christmas, just like any kid does! Sure those types of things can be fun, but so can curling up and listening to Mom read Christmas books and stories to us (she did a LOT of that!). We didn't have fun activity advent calendars, just the missionary ones we got from Sunday School. No chocolate or games, but that didn't lessen the excitement of opening the new square every day.

I'm no longer sure where I'm going with this, but I guess my point is just that I need to stop worrying about making great traditions and just enjoy the holidays with my husband and my little boy. Merry Christmas everybody.


  1. You've got it Emm. Just cozy up together and let tour sweet son feel the love, see the lights, and hear the music. I'm glad you caught yourself before you got hung up like a Christmas stocking :)

  2. I want to encourage you Emily that the most important part of being a Mother is spending quality time with your children. I've seen this especially as a Nanny- it doesn't matter what awesome crafts or opportunity you provide for your child- what they crave and remember is your focus and attention on them.