Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

What did I ever do without that thing? In the past couple of days, I've used it to make:

Cinnamon Buns
Pizza Dough

I am very, very thankful for that machine. It makes life a lot easier, and homemade a lot simpler.

I've been thinking lately about how thankful I am for my kitchen gadgets, but also pondering what I can/will need in the future. Not to be covetous, but I'm just thinking of the days when I will be able to afford a few more things to simplify life even more. A nice knife set, for example. I have a blender that works fine, but it was a cheap one and someday I would like to get a more expensive one that will blend a little more smoothly. I tried to make a smoothie with blackberries in it yesterday and that just didn't work at all, the seeds are much too big and don't get pureed enough. A food processor would be nice, and I really would like to replace all my plastic tupperware with pyrex. I have some, but I'm going to be slowly working on that collection. I finally got myself a new loaf pan the other day! A glass one, now I can make more than one loaf of bread at a time if I want to. Definitely a bonus. Near the top of my list is a grain mill so I can grind my own flour. Those machines are expensive, especially if you get a stone model, but the health benefits of freshly ground grains are not to be underestimated. Plus it would save a lot of money in the long run, buying grain whole is a lot cheaper than buying flour.

This post started with me being thankful and ended with me longing for things I don't have. I don't want you to suppose that I'm unsatisfied with my current possessions, I'm really very content, it's just nice to dream about the future sometimes.

Back to reality... must go wake up that little boy if I want him to take a nap this afternoon. I'm trying to enjoy these last few months before his little brother arrives as much as possible. As excited as I am about my family of two little boys, I'm also wistfully clinging to these last days when it's just me and Eli.

There I go again.

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