Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Shampoo - Three Weeks Later


This was harder than I thought it was going to be. Vanity sets in very quickly when you have a greasy head of hair and the temptation to grab that bottle of shampoo in the shower gets very strong.

But I committed to a month, so a month it's going to be.

The first couple of weeks have been the hardest, obviously. Drying off your hair and having it look the exact same as it did when you got into the shower is frustrating. There have been a lot of ponytails going on.

But today I was actually brave enough to wear my hair down for church, and you know what? I don't really think you can tell. Slowly but steadily my hair has looked less greasy as time has gone on, rather than more greasy. The dryness of our apartment means that the ends are still static-y, but not as bad as they were when I was shampooing, even though I was also applying conditioner to the ends (I gave that up too).

After three weeks my hair doesn't look (I think) as good as it did when I was shampooing - yet - but the fact that my hair is SO long might also mean it might take a bit longer than for some other people. If after a month I'm still not happy with how it looks I might give the baking soda thing a shot, we'll see.

Aside from that, a few things: I was worried that some of my acne might return if I stopped using head & shoulders. I've used that brand only for years, not because of dandruff but because any other brand I tried gave me acne. Head & shoulders cleared it right up. I've decided that it probably wasn't the head & shoulders that cleared it up, but the absence of some unknown ingredient that was causing it. My skin has remained clear and acne free.

My eczema is, to put it frankly, awful. I have not seen a big improvement in that area like I had hoped, but what I HAVE noticed is that the patches of eczema on my arms and legs are no longer red and inflamed when I get out of the shower like they used to be. It always used to get really bad for a few hours after a shower, and that's gone now. It's just bad all the time, but I think that's a combination of, again, the dry winter weather, the pregnancy (maybe?), and probably some allergies that I don't know about. The rest of my skin, not struggling with eczema, is slightly less dry than it used to be. Hooray!

Cory hasn't noticed. Or if he has noticed, he hasn't said anything about it. I never told him about my experiment, and after three weeks he still hasn't mentioned anything, and the "you smell so good!" compliments haven't gone away. I don't know whether he's just being polite or he truly hasn't noticed. Guess I'll have to let you know when he finally gets around to reading the blog.

So that's my update, just a little less than two weeks to go until my month is up, then I'll make a decision. Some people I know only shampoo once every week or two, maybe I'll end up doing that, who knows. I'll let my hair speak for itself in another couple of weeks!

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