Friday, January 28, 2011


Pregnancy can be so weird. Everyone claims that they can tell you "what they don't tell you about being pregnant," but in my experience everyone is SO different there's no possible way that one person can fill you in on everything you need to know. No matter how much you read and prepare, your body is going to do weird things that isn't in the books.

Take me for example. Pregnancy for me = a perpetual nosebleed. Not gushing blood or anything (at least not most of the time), but I think all that extra blood in my system thinks it has to come out somewhere so I'm constantly blowing my nose and blood comes out. Too gross for the internet? Sorry. But it's a fact.

More blood: this one I actually did read about in a pregnancy book, "pink toothbrush." Sensitive gums mean that your mouth might bleed a little while brushing your teeth. A little? Try spitting out mouthfuls of blood every time you brush and feeling like you got punched in the face, more like.

Thirdly, the onions. When I'm not pregnant, chopping onions doesn't bother me one bit. I dice away, throw them in the pot and never think twice about it. When I am pregnant, I can barely handle it. I just cut the top of the onion and the tears start flowing, I have to stop several times just to clear my vision enough to see the onion that I'm chopping, my already full nose starts running like a faucet and I can hardly keep it together.

I don't know why pregnancy has to be so strange and mysterious, but I do know that despite its downsides, it is totally worth it in the end. I know this because otherwise I would NOT be doing it over again. Women who sign up to be surrogate mothers blow my mind... never mind the whole question of ethics and giving up your own baby, I just can't imagine choosing to be pregnant if you didn't want the baby yourself. Yuck!

In other news and thoughts, today I went snowshoeing for the first time! It was such a beautiful day I had to take Eli outside, and normally we would just go over to the church but I saw a friend's kids playing outside and they adore Eli so I took him over there to play. He wasn't too keen on the whole thing, but then Holly came out with her skis and I borrowed a pair of snowshoes and we went tromping around the back field, her son pulling Eli in the sled. I'm still not sure how much Eli liked the whole ordeal, but I had a great time. I still haven't broken out my own skis and learned how, but it's one of my goals for the winter. Must learn to ski! Hoping tomorrow is a nice day...

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  1. You are so right. Not only does every person's pregnancy differ from one another, but every pregnancy differs too (or so I've heard). I was so sure I would have a quick labour because my Mom was blessed with quick labours & deliveries and our pregnancies had been so similar already. And yet, 38 hours later, I finally had a baby.

    Good luck with all that blood loss! :)