Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have sixty blog posts now. That's not a huge number, but I felt I had to lead into this post somehow.

I don't think I'm a very cohesive blogger. I don't have a well thought out, single topic to write about for each post, just my random collections of thoughts about what's been going on in my life lately.

Like laundry. Does it never end? I mean, I know it doesn't, but after spending pretty much an entire day yesterday doing laundry I just wanted a little break from it today. But I was running low on diapers. And in a few more days it will all begin again. Having a husband whose job is "lab technician" would make you think he wouldn't get very dirty at work. I don't know about you, but when I picture a lab technician I picture someone in a white lab coat with an eyedropper and a microscope. However, my husband is a lab tech at a concrete factory. He shovels concrete into wheelbarrows, makes cylinder samples, uses big tools and cleans his work area with a pickax and a huge hose. And gets thoroughly coated in concrete in the process. Then he comes home and I have to do the laundry. Let me tell you, dried on concrete does not come off of pants. I don't care what kind of heavy duty detergent you use, the dried on stuff ain't gonna budge. But I've learned to embrace it. Gives the pants character. While I'm on the laundry topic I thought I would share my new favourite thing - Soap Nuts. Saw these on Dragon's Den, and while I don't think they got a deal (I don't remember...), they had an excellent pitch because I immediately looked them up and ordered some. First time I've ever done that watching TV! I like them because there are no chemicals! In my quest to eliminate chemicals from our house this is a big step. Think about it, whatever you wash your clothes in remains in the fabric, which is then held against your skin all day every day. Hmmm. Even though I was using a scent and dye free detergent, I like this better. I haven't found that my clothes are amazingly softer or miraculously more clean or anything, I just find that it works just as well as my old detergent, which is plenty good enough for me. At $35.00 for a bag it seemed pricey to me at first, but considering you get between 300-400 loads of laundry per bag, that's about 10 cents a load, significantly cheaper than store bought detergent. Works for me. I've been washing my diapers with them too, and that's the real test. If they can get my diapers clean then I'm sold. I HATED using detergent on diapers, I always found it would build up and make them stink so I've been washing with baking soda and vinegar for a while now but was finding that they were starting to smell really vinegary. Problem solved.

My other "green living" endeavor, the no shampoo thing, continues to improve. I definitely think I'm going to stick with it. My hair feels healthier, my eczema has improved, though not gone away completely (ultimately I don't think shampoo was the culprit, just irritated it), and I don't look like a grease head anymore. I'm satisfied with this experiment and am now converted.

One more thing: this. And that's all I'm going to say. I'm sure you all already think I'm weird enough without me adding details.

Now that the laundry is done the kitchen is beckoning me to come scrub some pots and get supper on the go (pork chops, crash hot potatoes and a salad!), and I think Eli and I are going to share some organic apple slices for our snack. Until post #61...

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