Saturday, February 5, 2011


So apparently, Cory bought me a Christmas present. We had decided no presents this year, but I didn't realize that he had already ordered me something. Unfortunately for him, it didn't come in time for Christmas, he didn't get it until a couple weeks ago. Then he was going to wait for Valentines Day but... he couldn't wait. So last night, out of the blue, he pulled it out.

He got me a Kindle.


I've wanted one for months but thought it was somewhat too frivolous to really expect, and I probably should be asking for a new blender or something like that. I've been playing with my new toy all day and I love it. My first book? Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by PW.  Guess what? It's over $8 cheaper to get it on the Kindle than a hard copy. I've found loads of free books... you can buy the complete collected works - 51 in total - of Charles Dickens for THREE DOLLARS. Complete works of Shakespeare? Two dollars.

So in the long run, I think it will save me a lot of money and be totally worth it. Plus it's like the coolest gadget I've ever owned. It will hold up to 3,500 books! I can get newspapers, magazines, you name it. Lots of older books that are out of copyright are available for free download, it's got dictionaries, I can put the Bible on it... I'm beyond excited.

So best Christmas/Valentines Day present ever? Very yes.

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  1. Best Present EVER! I am so in love with my ereader, and I suggest getting ereaders to EVERYONE - especially mothers. You will find it amazing if you have a second child and spend hours nursing. It is the only way to read while breastfeeding because you can set in on your lap and only use your hands when a page needs to be turned.
    Really happy for you!