Thursday, February 17, 2011

V-day and B-day

I would feel out of place if I didn't blog about Valentines Day this year, but there's really not a lot to talk about. I was wiped out with a vicious cold over the weekend, even had to miss church on Sunday (and I have to be pretty sick to miss church!), so I really wasn't feeling super romantic. Cory has been struggling with illness for several weeks now, but still made an effort. He told me that he wanted to take me out for supper that night, and I kind of sighed and thought about Valentines Day crowds and having to take Eli to his mom's for her to watch and how expensive it is to eat out... and I asked him if we could just stay home instead. He was fine with that. Since he'd already given me my Kindle, and the gift I'd ordered him on Amazon didn't come in until today (of COURSE), we didn't have gifts to exchange either. It was still a nice night though, he picked up takeout from Swiss Chalet on his way home so I wouldn't have to cook dinner, we put Eli to bed and watched a movie on Netflix and it was altogether a nice, relaxing evening just the two of us. I'm really not a big holiday kind of girl anyway. If you anticipate too much you just end up feeling disappointed. That's why I really don't expect much on birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day... then when Cory does do something romantic it's a huge surprise to me and it's even better.
We just signed up for a free month of Netflix, and I'm loving that thing so far. I think we might keep it, at $7.99 a month we're saving money even if we only rented two movies a month, and now we can watch as many as we want, plus it's got a lot of Veggie Tales movies and Barney and stuff like that that Eli likes, and TV shows! We watched Bewitched, the newer movie with Will Ferrell. Cute, funny, and we enjoyed it much more than if we'd just picked something out of the small selection downstairs. By "downstairs" I mean the gas station. We live above a gas station, just in case anyone didn't know, and I always refer to it as "downstairs." Even when I'm not at home and I'm somewhere else I'll say dumb things like "Oh they sell that downstairs you can just get some there." And then everyone looks at me funny. Not that they should talk, everyone else in Browns Flat just calls it "The Store," which makes about as much sense to a non-Browns Flatter as "downstairs" does. I love our small country community!
Sorry, sidetracked. Anyway, that was our Valentines. It was sweet, cozy, and simple. Just the way I like it :)
Cory's birthday is on Saturday (he'll be 25!) so we might end up going for dinner then. Probably Pizza Delight, very fancy and elegant, since it's eat-free-on-your-birthday. Two of my sisters are going to be visiting too. Should be a nice weekend.
And now, housework calls. And I really should wake up the little boy before he sleeps the entire morning away and refuses to let me get anything done this afternoon. Until next time...

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