Monday, March 21, 2011

Cutest Moments

Today had two adorable, heart melting moments with Eli. He's growing up so fast!

The first one came when I walked into the living room and found him sitting in our blue armchair, flipping through his Jesus Storybook Bible and babbling away. This would seem pretty normal to anyone else, but you have to know that I keep that book on a high shelf where he can't reach it so that he won't destroy it, so for him to have it means he climbed up the armchair to get it, and also that Cory sits in the blue armchair with him every night and reads it to him. So essentially, he was doing his devotions all by himself. Too cute. He was very proud of himself. I still took it away from him and sent him off to find something else to do, five minutes later I found him playing with the stapler. Hint: that was not heart melting moment #2.

Heart melting moment #2 came while I was making dinner. We have a pot scrubber that he's discovered he can reach if I leave it too close to the edge of the sink (which I always seem to do) and I am constantly taking it away from him and reminding him not to touch it. In the meanwhile he manages to drip dirty dish water all over the floor. This happened again tonight, I disciplined him and put it out of reach, and he stood in the middle of the kitchen and wailed his little heart out for a few minutes. I continued making dinner. After a few minutes the wailing stopped, and I turned around to see that he had gotten the dishtowel off the oven door and was wiping up the water that he had dripped on the floor for me. This is the part where my heart melts. I've never even showed him how to wipe up water before, I've always just sighed and done it myself, but he must have picked it up from seeing me do it and thought that this would reconcile our relationship. It worked. I dropped everything and hugged and kissed him until he was thoroughly over-rewarded.

I realize that everyone thinks their child is the cutest in the world. I am no exception. I don't think I deceive myself into thinking that he is some sort of baby genius for figuring out how to wipe up the floor for me, but it's so neat to watch him grow and learn, and to see character traits develop in him. It blew me away that at the tender age of 18 months, he's able to see where he's gone wrong and attempt to correct it by himself, without being shown how. Watching a little person grow up has got to be one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I am so looking forward to the years and the surprises to come. And I can't wait for Baby Boy #2 to join our family and watch him grow too.
Only 10 more weeks now! Less if he's early like Eli was. Pregnancy update: back to the OB today. Another ultrasound tomorrow, apparently I had a slightly low placenta at the first ultrasound. This problem usually rectifies itself as the womb grows, they just want to double check and make sure it's out of the way so I'll be able to deliver normally. I'm not super worried about it yet, but I do want to avoid a c-section if at all possible. Not my idea of fun. I now weigh 155.2 lbs. I checked my baby book today and saw that I weighed 152 lbs at 30 weeks last pregnancy. That's great considering I started out this pregnancy 10 lbs heavier than I did last time. So I've gained less overall. I'm pleased with that. I could probably have gained even less if I could stop eating chocolate for 30 minutes. I don't get weird cravings in pregnancy, my sweet tooth just multiplies ten-fold. It's been nice being home this time around though, and making baked goods from whole wheat and honey instead of the KitKat Chunkies and Tim Horton's chocolate chip muffins I ate last time around. I've managed to stay away from those at least, even if I can't keep myself away from the chocolate chips. When I'm not pregnant, they just stay in the cupboard, I'm not even tempted. When I am pregnant? Look out chocolate chips.

And that's my update for today. My son and my pregnancy. Can you tell what my world revolves around these days?

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  1. That is so cute...especially about the dishcloth thing. Cleaning up his own mess and wanting Mommy to be HIS He's off to a good start.