Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tasty Kitchen

I love Pioneer Woman! I've blogged about her before, but I had to reiterate. I really, really love her website. I love "Confessions" - her random collections of thoughts about what's going on in her life. I love the recipes, the unashamed use of butter and cream in copious amounts. I love the step-by-step photos that show you how to go about making the recipe. For a newly married woman setting out to learn how to cook, this proved invaluable. I could cook when I got married, I wasn't really worried about it, but I've learned so much more from her website. A whole new world of ingredients that I had never tried, or techniques that I had never heard of. I grew up in a home where we didn't eat steak. Neither of my parents cared for it, so I never learned what a proper steak should look like, or how to cook one. This wasn't going to cut it when I married Cory. I had to learn to cook steak. Through some trial and error, and with PW's help, I can now cook a delicious, cooked-to-perfection, medium rare steak, just the way we like it.
Even though I'm not a picture taker myself, I love the photography section of her website. I usually skip on the tutorials, but I love looking at all the contest entry pictures, and I always enter the giveaways in hopes that if I DID have a good camera, I could learn to take good pictures.
I really appreciate the homeschooling blog. I am so excited to homeschool my boys when they get older, and it's good to have that blog to get me thinking about different issues that I haven't thought of yet.
And then there's Tasty Kitchen! I don't spend a ton of time on here, I always enter the giveaways (though I have yet to win), but it can be a good source for recipes as well. Today I'm sharing one of my all time favourites, this one for Chocolate Pudding. I just finished making a batch and it's chilling in the fridge. I can't wait to dig in! For once, here is a recipe that I don't have to tweak to make it healthier, it already is! Ok ok, I confess - I replace the cornstarch with arrowroot. But that's it! And for me, that's not a lot of tweaking! I just hate cornstarch... genetically modified hyper processed junk. Arrowroot is simply that, a root. Dried and ground up. No heat, no chemicals to extract anything, just natural goodness. And you can substitute it for cornstarch one to one, no need to mess with the rest of the recipe. I get mine at Bulk Barn.
Anyway, while you're checking out that pudding recipe, look at some of the other recipes that user "ericalea" has posted. She seems to be a girl after my own heart - natural sweeteners, good fats, whole wheat, etc. I already use her Favourite 100% Whole Wheat Bread recipe for all our bread, and I'm excited to try her recipes for pasta and pizza dough. I already make those things whole wheat anyway, but I always just take white flour recipes and replace with whole wheat. It might be nice to try a recipe that's actually designed to work with whole wheat!
I guess that's all I had to blog about today really. Eli has a slight cold, but it's only manifesting itself in his nose, poor kid. He seems to feel fine, but his nasal passages are a veritable faucet of lovely mucus. I've been calling him "Snot-Face Vail" since yesterday morning. He doesn't seem to mind.
He's starting to sort of say more words. We met with a speech language pathologist the other week, and while he is behind for his age, she really wasn't worried about it, and neither am I. His comprehension is just fine, I can say things like "Go to your room and pick up that shirt and put it in the laundry" and he will, it's just a matter of laziness I think. He's in no big hurry to talk since he can usually make himself understood by pointing and chirping. But in the past week he's started babbling non-stop, and even though he still mostly just says "Mama" and "Dada," I've discovered that those words have alternate meanings. "Mama" can mean just that, or it can mean "more" or "milk," while "Dada" can mean Daddy, or "dinosaur," or "dog." One of his favourite books to read is Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? and he likes the page where it says "dibble dibble dibble DOP!" so today when I was reading it to him I noticed that he was trying to say DOP like me. So cute! My personal favourite though is that he has started saying "HI!!!" very enthusiastically when Cory gets home from work. He throws his arms over his head, runs to the door and says HI! HI! over and over. Cory loves getting such an enthusiastic greeting. Who wouldn't?

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