Friday, May 20, 2011

39 weeks

Today, I am officially 39 weeks pregnant. I never made it to 39 weeks with Eli, so it feels strange to be farther along than I ever have been. I don't know how women cope with going 41... 42 weeks before baby comes. I really hope God doesn't ask that of me!

Cory's off with the youth group having a pizza party, Eli's in bed and I guess it's cultured dairy products night for me, since I got a batch of sour cream started, a batch of raw milk yogurt culturing in the oven and some buttermilk curdling on the counter to make cream cheese in the morning. To be honest, I have a craving for carrot cake with cream cheese icing... that's why I'm making the cream cheese! I'm really hoping that I go into labour tonight (of course!) but if I do I might also end up wasting some dairy products. Might have to send someone over to the house to put everything in the fridge for me! Honestly that's been my thought process every time I've started a project over the past week or two. What if I go into labour when I'm halfway through this? Obviously this hasn't yet been a problem. With all the practice contractions though I keep pulling up Contraction Master to see if it might be real labour, but every time they are too far apart or just go away. Soon. Having patience waiting for a baby to arrive is I think one of the most difficult things to wait for in the world. Even more difficult than waiting to get pregnant was (though that was hard too, in a different way). Cory has a very laid back, "he'll come when he comes" sort of attitude. He also acknowledges though that it's easy for him to say that since he's not the one lugging the kid around! I do admire his patience though, I need to be more like that.

Tonight for dinner we had vegetarian chili with sour cream, grated cheddar cheese and some Tostitos. I was worried that Cory might complain about a chili with no meat in it, but turns out he loved it! I'm so thankful to be married to someone who doesn't complain about healthy cooking but is supportive and eats whatever I choose to serve. Sure there are some things he likes more than others, but in general he's always appreciative and not picky. I think I'll keep him. Best part of the chili was the fresh corn I got from the farmers market across the street. Crunchy and fresh and soooo good. For dessert I made some smoothies - raw milk, yogurt, lots of spinach, blueberries and mango chunks. And now my blender that was a little bit broken is completely broken. Cory has promised me a new one for my birthday in July (I'm going for the KitchenAid!) but until then I think we'll be smoothie-less. Oh well.

Oh, and Eli learned how to drink from a straw today! Finally... most kids I think figure that one out a lot younger, but he just could not understand that you had to suck on it. He's learning so many words now too... his latest is "Jesus" and "Edward" (our cat). So cute... he'll say "Jesus!" and then run and get his Bible to look at. I'm so glad we're having another little boy that I can watch go through these stages again.

I guess that's my eclectic post of the day. Hopefully next time I blog it will be about our little Baby #2's birth!

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