Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Even though my actual due date isn't until the end of the month, the 27th to be exact, I'm getting very excited for this baby's arrival. I'm starting to get that "it could happen any time" feeling... having lots of strong, persistent Braxton Hicks, and nesting in full gear. I don't remember having the same sense of urgency to get the house clean last time. This time the thought of leaving and going to the hospital with laundry unfolded, dishes unwashed and Eli's toys spread out all over the house is driving me crazy, because I know that is not what I want to have to come home to! I know that as soon as I actually do go into labour I'm going to be running around the house trying to straighten things out before we leave and it's going to drive Cory crazy. I was only in labour for 6 hours from start to finish with Eli, and usually you go faster the second time. At my doctor's appointment on Monday I was already sitting at 1 cm (my apologies if that's too much information for you - pregnancy makes you reveal some very personal things!). That's encouraging if only because it's one less centimeter I have to work through when the actual time comes. Since everything seems SO much like it was the last time, I'm thinking he'll probably arrive around 10 days early, just like Eli. So hard to know though.
I do want to bake another loaf of bread and get that into the freezer for when baby comes, also maybe throw together a quick macaroni and cheese to have frozen as well. With my Mom coming to help out and the church bringing meals I'm not too worried about having lots of meals frozen ahead of time, but it's still nice to be prepared.
Speaking of freezers - our landlord replace our fridge for us on Monday. SO EXCITING. Our fridge barely held things cold, and it was a race against time to see if I could cook and serve all our fresh veggies before they went bad, and drink the milk before it soured. I didn't always win that race and was so sick of throwing out expensive food. Good news is I don't have to be in such a rush anymore. Our new, spacious fridge keeps things MUCH colder. So nice to not have to stress about that anymore.
Eli and I are heading to playgroup at the school this morning, so we must be off. He fell off of our bed this morning and narrowly missed hitting his eye squarely on the corner of our nightstand. He's got a good scrape next to his eye now, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all now, thank goodness. I'm thanking God for keeping him safe - he does a much better job at it than I do!

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