Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Theophilus Ian Vail

He came!

My beautiful baby boy finally decided to make his appearance. After a false alarm the night before, he chose to arrive at 10:24 in the evening, Wednesday, May 25 after only three hours of labour. He weighs in at 8lbs. 15oz. (big boy!) and is 21 inches long. He's healthy, handsome, a great little nurser, and somewhat nocturnal - my only slight regret!

We chose his name for a couple of different reasons - I've always loved the name Theo and suggested it back when we were expecting Eli. However "Theo" on its own didn't feel like a complete name to me, so I figured we would just use Theodore and call him Theo his whole life. Neither of us were big fans of Theodore though (we grew up on Theodore Tugboat), and when Cory suggested Theophilus instead we both fell in love. I really liked the idea of using another Bible name, I kind of want to use all Bible names for our children. No particular reason why, I just like the idea of it. Theophilus is the benefactor to whom Luke wrote the books of Luke and Acts. It's commonly assumed that Theophilus was wealthy, and sponsored Luke to travel and research the life of Christ and record it for him. Luke and Acts are both addressed to him. Also, it means "Lover of God" or "Loving God" or "Friend of God," depending on how you choose to translate it. I love the meaning. We chose his middle name, Ian, after my dad. Ian means "Gift from God" or "God is Gracious." I love his name, even though I'm a bit shy about telling people what Theo is short for. We've gotten some weird looks and reactions, and I realize that most people think it's too far "out there" - but I'm happy with it. And yes, I realize that "Theophilus" sounds a lot like "the awfullest." We've been told many times. The joke is getting stale.

It began Tuesday night - Cory and I went to bed but I couldn't sleep because of contractions. I've been having contractions since I was about 28 weeks pregnant, sometimes painful, but these were steady and seemed to be coming closer together. I waited a couple hours, wandered around the house in the dark and catching up on some blog reading, but they stayed steady and painful, so I woke Cory up. Since Eli came after only six hours of labour and the second is supposed to be faster I didn't want to risk not making it to the hospital! We packed Eli up and dropped him off at his Nanny's, and took our time heading to the hospital. We probably got there around midnight, but things just didn't seem to be progressing. After a few hours of walking the hospital halls, I was exhausted and we both fell asleep. My contractions had disappeared entirely, the doctor checked and I was only 2cm, so he let me go home. It was so frustrating. I had kept us both up all night, Cory ended up missing work the next day and Eli's sleep had been greatly interrupted. We went home and tried to make it through the day, taking shifts with Eli so the other one could try to sleep. By Wednesday night I was completely exhausted and couldn't WAIT for a good night's sleep. It was the first night in several weeks where I was certain I did not want to go into labour. I needed to catch up on sleep! I got Eli into bed, Cory left for prayer meeting at the church and I flopped on the couch to watch some TV before crashing. It was 7:30. Then the contractions started again. I was in complete denial - I had had a false alarm the night before and I didn't even want to have the baby that night. I drank a large glass of water and laid down on my left side, both things that the internet informed me would slow down false labour. I probably should have clued in that this was the real deal when I starting having to pause my show during contractions just to be able to concentrate. Or when I started groaning in agony. These were much, much stronger than the night before had been. Cory got home about quarter to nine and got in the shower and I finally relented and started timing the contractions. They were about 2 minutes apart, lasting 60-90 seconds. I kept timing them until almost 9:30 and then urgency struck. I guess I finally realized that the baby was coming, and I needed to get moving! Cory again woke Eli and took him to his mother's, and I waited for him to come back getting more and more desperate. We drove to the hospital, normally a 45 minute drive. I think we got there in under 30. For reasons beyond me, we actually stopped on the main floor to register before heading up to labour and delivery. I couldn't even walk at this point, Cory was pushing me in a wheelchair. We got there and were sent into a room. I managed to get changed and collapse on the bed. From this point it's a bit of a blur, but I can remember things in terms of contractions.

First contraction

Nurse enters to check how far along I am, but another contraction hits before she gets a chance.

Second contraction

She asks me to lie on my back so she can check me and starts putting the head of the bed up. Before I can even roll over...

Third contraction

My water breaks. Er, explodes would be a better word. Pretty sure the entire bed was drenched. I roll onto my back.

Fourth contraction

Nurse takes a peek, and sees my baby's head completely crowned. She runs out into the hallway and starts yelling for people to come.

Fifth contraction

Nurses and doctor run in... shouting... everyone telling me to "stop pushing!" As if. Makes me wonder if these women have ever even given birth.

Sixth contraction

Baby's head is out. Shouts of "stop pushing" turn into shouts of "keep pushing!"

Seventh contraction

Theo enters the world. 

And that's pretty much how it went. Cory cuts the cord, doctor and nurses laugh, relieved that they made it there in time. I get to hold my boy. Bliss. Of course the bliss is followed up by the excruciating pain of stitches, afterpains, having blood clots removed and nursing Theo all at the same time - childbirth is still not an incredibly pleasant experience. But he's here. He's beautiful and healthy and perfect. Tomorrow he'll be one week old, already! I'll try to take some more pictures to post, but we didn't really get many this time, everything seemed so panicked.

And here I am, a mother of two. So perfectly happy!

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  1. Oh Emily, how I absolutely love reading your blog! I think this is my favourite post! I cannot wait to see you! Are you and the family planning on travelling to the valley at all this summer?
    Much love,