Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Weeks

On Wednesday Theo turned two weeks old. Wow time rockets by with a newborn in the house! He's not really even a newborn anymore I guess. Tuesday we took him to the doctor for his first appointment, just to get weighed and measured really. He's gained over a pound since we left the hospital, and grown three centimetres! He's a big boy. Then we left the doctor's office, me lugging a carseat with Theo starting to cry and trying to keep my toddler from bolting (his new favourite thing to do), and when I got to the car I realized that I had locked the keys inside. I had put them in my purse when I turned the car off, like I always do, but then absentmindedly decided to leave my purse in the car and just carry in the diaper bag. I didn't want to carry more than I had to. Foolish. Thankfully there is a taxi service two doors down from the doctor's office that does that sort of thing, so he came and did battle with my door for a while and finally got it open. Forty dollars later, I was back in my car. That's the second time I've done that. At least this guy was pleasant and cheerful and called me "Mama," which I kind of like. Before I had kids people used to call me "dear," which I hated, but being called Mama is kind of cute. After a trip to the bank (Theo still yelling) we parked in the Tim Horton's parking lot so I could feed Eli some lunch and nurse Theo. I had forgotten Eli's sippy topped water bottle and he was thirsty, so I had to give him my water bottle. This resulted in a soaking wet, grumpy toddler, since I couldn't help him drink and nurse Theo at the same time. At any rate, we all got some food into us and then proceeded into town to pick up a few groceries and get Daddy at work.
My beloved husband is working the 5 AM shift this week. Since we live an hour from his work, this means he's getting up at 3:30 all week. It's actually working out ok for us, since I'm up half the night with Theo I'm exhausted too, so we've both been going to bed at 8. This early shift means more overtime for him though, which is good at least financially speaking. He's a champ - I don't know how he does it.
Wednesday we went to playgroup - Theo's first time. Since it was such a nice day we took the kids outside to play on the school playset. Eli is fearless on the playset, much to my chagrin. Thankfully Theo slept in the stroller so I was able to prevent my toddler from plummeting to the ground at any second. There were lots of other Moms around too, which helped as far as having extra eyes and hands to rescue children, but also meant we were constantly trying to prevent collisions between clueless toddlers. Happy, sunny chaos.
In other news, we lost power for a couple of hours last night. Not really a big deal since it was after 9:00 anyway and after bedtime, except when it came time to change Theo's diaper. I didn't have a flashlight, and of COURSE it was one of those explosive, blow-out, all over the clothes and up his back kind of poops. Ever tried cleaning runny newborn poop off a squirming, squalling infant in pitch black darkness? Not an easy task. Funny looking back on it though. The power was back on by midnight, which I was very thankful for.
Anyway, time to get supper in the oven (roasted vegetable lasagna... sans mozzarella. I don't have any and am not willing to spend $4.49 for a tiny little piece downstairs). Cory's going to be late getting home because the poor man had a flat tire on the way to work. He changed it and still made it to work only 5 minutes late, but now he has to get it replaced. Another $40. This car seems to be costing us a lot of money lately! I'm just thankful it was him driving and not me, I wouldn't have known what to do, wouldn't have had the cell phone and probably would have had two small children with me. This might have resulted in total meltdown on my part. Cory's much better about that kind of thing!

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  1. Oh my goodness - I TOTALLY missed the birth of your son! I'm the worst blog reader EVER! CONGRATS! What a precious little boy, and I adore his name!

    Way to go Mama!