Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fatter Thursday

Today is my birthday! So that's a good excuse for why I ate out three times today, right?

My beloved is working the night shift right now, so in the morning as I was whipping up our healthy breakfast smoothie, he called and told me he was bringing me breakfast. Yum! I did finish making the smoothie, so at least I got in some servings of fruits and vegetables this morning. The smoothie WAS really healthy - raw milk, yogurt, flax seed oil, apple, carrot, kale, spinach, raspberry and blueberry. So maybe that balances the Bagel B.E.L.T. from Tim Horton's? Ok maybe not.

At any rate, after breakfast and lots of birthday phone calls from my parents, dear friend Ashley, and grandparents, I dropped Eli off at Nanny's and Theo and I drove to Grand Bay to meet friends for lunch. I share a birthday with another woman in our church - Lilly - a bit of an interesting character. Birthdays are VERY IMPORTANT to her, so nobody ever forgets because she reminds us all year long! She was turning 61 this year, and while my birthday does get a little overshadowed because of her, I really don't mind because I don't exactly like being the very centre of attention, but at the same time it's nice that no one ever forgets because Lilly will remind everyone constantly that it's my birthday too! We went to Pizza Delight because it has an "eat free on your birthday" program so we go there to celebrate every year.

So lunch was a panzarotti (spelling?) and a caesar salad with way too much dressing. After lunch and a coffee at Tim's, Theo and I headed into the city to get some last minute things for Waterski Camp next week! I needed a few pairs of shorts to wear because I don't fit into any of mine, Eli needed a sunhat, Cory needed a new pair of shorts, Theo needed a swimsuit, and most of all we needed some more diapers. I cloth diaper Theo at home but not when we're out, and Eli's skin is too sensitive for cloth anymore. I don't do cloth diapers at camp because, while there is a washer and dryer available, I really don't like to impose and I know it still grosses some people out to have diapers washed in the same machine. It's just easier anyway for one week.

Guess what the one thing I forgot to buy was.

We'll have to pick some up on Saturday on our way to Moncton. We're going there for a friend's wedding, staying the night, visiting the church we used to attend while we were in university there and then heading to camp.

I also tried to find a bathing suit for myself for next week. Complete and utter failure on that front. Somewhat demoralizing. I do still own a bikini that I bought in a fit of teenage rebellion and then only had the nerve to wear once or twice before it retired behind a t-shirt and shorts permanently. I guess it'll have to be that next week - well covered of course! I felt like asking the clerk where they keep the bathing suits that are for women who have HAD BABIES, but apparently they don't make those. On all other clothing fronts though, I had success, thanks to my fave clothing line, Joe Fresh! Some longer but still stylish shorts that FIT.

Theo was fussy and difficult this entire time, refusing to sleep and crying every time we stopped moving. He wasn't hungry, I nursed him in the car before going into the restaurant, three times during lunch, once during coffee at Tim's, in the change room at Superstore, in the "Mother's Lounge" at the mall, then in the car at Walmart before we went home. No wonder he's pudgy.

By the time we were done all this shopping and nursing, it was after five and I was starving again, but Theo had finally fallen asleep in the car. So it was McDonald's drive thru. I would normally get the salad but it's a bit difficult to eat when you're driving. McMini's it was. And that is how I ate out three times on my birthday. And why this is not Thinner Thursday as per usual, but Fatter Thursday.

We'll be gone all next week, but then I'll be back and posting again! I want to share my new favourite cookie recipe that I made myself for my birthday and ate way too many of. I'll leave you with a rather random photo of the birthday present that I got this year, my new KitchenAid blender! Well, just the pitcher. It's full of yummy vegetables that I whizzed up and made into a delicious tomato sauce for our pork curry the other night. Yum!

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  1. Happy Birthday! You totally deserve a day of eating out on your birthday with no guilt.

  2. Happy Birthday! I here you re: bathing suits! I've spent MONTHS trying to find one that covers my saggy baggy baby belly! :o) I managed to grab two last night. I hate the colors but at least they cover me up.

    Theo is adorable! So plumpy too! You must have buttermilk ;-)

  3. Me again. I found the bathing suits (both one pieces) at Sears for 50% off. The pickings were slim since it's the end of the season but they were a good deal and they cover my baby belly so I'm happy. :-)