Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He's Growing Up...

(photo by my friend Holly)

Here's my big boy at our annual Church Picnic this past weekend. He's been making this scowling face more and more often lately but he really was having a great time, believe it or not. We have our picnic at "Oma and Opa's pond," Oma and Opa being a couple in our church affectionately known by those names by their eight grandchildren and everyone else! While the bigger kids swam in the pond there were three small kiddy pools set out for the little ones. Eli took immense delight in sitting in one pool, then climbing out and into the next one for a little while, then into the next one and so on. When the bigger kids got into a huge water fight - which inevitably happens every year - Eli watched them solemnly for a while, then picked up a cup and started methodically and very seriously scooping up the water and pouring it over another little girl's head. At only 13 months she was too little to defend herself, poor thing. Oma was quick to correct this behaviour as soon as she noticed, and Eli moved on to another game to amuse himself, but the incident certainly made me laugh. His careful, serious imitation of the older kids and teenagers was too cute.

I was worried about sunburn that afternoon, I realized as I was getting things ready that I don't yet have a sunhat that fits him, and I feel very strongly about the use of high chemical sunscreens (besides the fact that I don't even think they're very effective), but I also didn't want him to get burnt. I prayed that he would be ok and not get burnt, and despite the fact that he spent a good 3 1/2 hours in direct sunlight with no sunscreen, no hat and bare arms he wasn't even the slightest tinge of pink. The irony is that I sat in the shade with Theo and got sunburnt on my arms and back. I should have remembered to pray that I wouldn't burn either!

My little boy is also talking more and more each day. You wouldn't know it if you only knew him in public, because he refuses to say a word the minute we step outside the house, but at home he's becoming quite a little chatterbox, finally moving into words with two syllables or more than one sound, and here and there even stringing two words together. He says milk like it's two words, "Mill...K" and the K is less of a K sound and more like a click of his tongue. He can say his brother's name now too. He normally calls him "Fee," but with prompting he'll say "Fee... OH." Not to mention his newest phrase which I taught him yesterday - "stinkin' hot," pronounced "Tink... OT." (Can you guess what our weather has been like?) Phrases like "Dad shoes," "hat off," "spoon/fork stuck," or "more milk/food/raisins" are cropping up too. While this is a lot of fun, and it's nice that he's learning so much, I already miss my sweet little baby when I look back at photos.

It's amazing how much they change, here he is almost exactly one year ago, just after his first real haircut. What an adorable age that was! I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with another sweet little boy to watch go through that stage again. I hope he blesses us with many more!

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