Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long Day

It's been a long day. Some parts good - other parts could have been better.

My poor husband is still sick. It's been over a week now, and he's been flat out with a nasty cold. Eli and I caught it too, but recovered in a day or two. Cory's still working the night shift, 10-12 hours every night and he just can't seem to get better. His sleeping pattern is all messed up too. So when I got up this morning he had already been awake for several hours, but was feeling a lot better! I whipped us up some smoothies for breakfast and then at his request we went for a walk around Beulah. It's so nice to have someone else push the stroller for once! We enjoyed the fresh air and the sunshine, then came home and packed up the boys to go to town for some errands.

We were all the way to the West side of the city when Eli puked up his breakfast all over himself. Lovely. We were shocked because he had showed no signs of being sick, and it's not like him - this was only the second time he'd thrown up in his entire little life! He seemed fine afterwards, so we figured it must be car sickness. He's never been carsick before but I guess it has to start sometime. We cleaned him off as best we could with wipes, but his clothes were covered in puke. I used it as an excuse to get him a new little Joe Fresh outfit from Superstore. I love their clothes. So we dressed him in his new outfit, did our errands, then grabbed some lunch from Arbys and started driving back toward home. Since he seemed absolutely FINE now, and was very hungry, I gave him some french fries.

In retrospect, this was probably not a good idea. He munched them down happily and then threw up all over himself again. All over his brand new outfit. Again, I cleaned him off as best I could with wipes - my own lunch not sitting too well in my stomach after all this puking - and we drove home. Once home we stripped him and put him down for a nap with his water bottle. He slept for three hours!

Cory went to sleep too, and I proceeded to: put groceries away, nurse Theo and get him down for his nap, clean up the puke in the car, take the padding off Eli's carseat and wash it, wash all puked on clothes, take the garbage out, empty and load the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen and get chicken stock simmering to make soup for dinner.

The kids woke up when I was trying to get the veggies cut up for supper. Theo's grumpiest time of day is right around supper time and through the early evening until bedtime. I asked Cory to take him for a bit while I got supper ready. While I was making supper and Cory was soothing Theo, Eli decided to empty out our bedroom garbage and spread its contents across our room. After I got THAT cleaned up, we ate supper. Thankfully the chicken noodle soup seemed to be just what Eli needed, he ate two big bowls of it and kept it down no problem.

After supper I got Eli bathed and in bed, Theo nursed and in bed, then tackled the kitchen. It's our church picnic tomorrow, so I had to make a pasta salad and a blackberry cobbler. And divide up the extra stock I made for freezing.

Anyway, it's all done now and I am FINALLY relaxing on the couch with my favourite snack: multigrain tostitos, guacamole and club soda. My feet ache and my back hurts, but I made it through the day with only one minor meltdown. I wish Cory would feel better. I really miss him.

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