Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home Again

We're back from our vacation! Waterski Camp was great. We're tired, tanned, and happy. Our camera remained in the bottom of our suitcase all week and never saw the light of day, so this is a photo I nabbed from Facebook. This is Eli learning to drive the "boop," as he called it. I think this was his favourite part of the entire week, that and the kiddy pool. He also went for a ride in the tube with Daddy, his face very serious the whole time. I couldn't tell whether he was having fun or was terrified, but when we stopped after about 10 minutes and pulled the tube back to the boat he started babbling excitedly and laughing. I think he liked it.

Cory volunteered as a counselor for the week, while my role was purely taking care of our kids. It was a busy week with staff kids, I think there were 14 in total, from little Theo up to the almost-twelve year olds who will get to be campers next year.

Waterski Camp is a really great ministry. It's run entirely by volunteers, mostly family units. Parents work driving boats, doing property maintenance, working in the kitchen etc., older kids are campers and younger ones play, swim, and have a little Bible time of their own. Even though it's hard work, it's a great way to vacation. I think that serving together as a family is such a great way to spend our vacation time.

We came back just in time for a busy, hectic weekend. We went straight from camp to a funeral of a friend's mom (praise God we know where she is!), and Cory had to fill in on Sunday morning for a local pastor on vacation.

Monday was... Monday. It was New Brunswick Day, a holiday, so Cory didn't have to work. This was a blessing since he was so exhausted from camp and the weekend, but I tried to take the boys into Saint John to get some food to restock our empty fridge. The city is 45 minutes from our home. I drove 25 minutes only to have Eli throw up his breakfast all over himself. I really think we're starting to deal with carsickness here. It was a huge, disgusting mess and all I had to clean it up was baby wipes. We pulled over, I got Eli out of the car and stripped his clothes off and tried to wipe up him and the carseat as best I could. Of course there was vomit all over the carseat buckles, making it necessary for me to get it all over my hands in order to get him out. Not pleasant. We turned around and drove the 25 minutes back home, left Eli with Cory, then drove all the way into town with just Theo this time. Got some food, came home, ate some lunch, got back in the car and drove an hour and a half to a friend's house for a family gathering. Not our family - theirs - but they are like family to us! That little get-together was a huge blessing to Cory and I. So thankful for good friends.

Yesterday was groceries, I didn't even risk taking Eli with me this time, I left him at his Nanny's! I still always feel a bit guilty leaving him behind, but I need to get over it. At this point in his life he has much more fun playing at Nanny's than he would driving in the car (potentially throwing up!) and shopping for groceries, and besides which my mother-in-law loves to spend time with him. This visit he fell off a chair and got his first black eye!

He's fine though, it had to happen sometime.  He is a boy after all! You can see it's not very bad.

And today? As if I didn't have enough busyness in my life, today I decided to start potty training a little more intensively. And we had our first pee in the potty! HOORAY! I've never been so excited about someone else's pee before in my life. It's only been the morning, and we had one pee in the potty and three on the floor. Thankfully none were on carpet - yet. I put a diaper on him for naptime, and after his nap we'll tackle it again. We're going the totally naked route, just to make things easier. We'll transition to underwear after he gets a little better at figuring out what he's supposed to do. According to my friend Google, three days of total nudity is the best way to kickstart potty training. So I'm going to try it for three days. If we don't seem to make any progress then maybe I'll try again in a few months, but I remain hopeful. Since it's such a battle to make him keep diapers on I'm eager to just eliminate the need for them.

I didn't talk much about Theo in this post, but Theo is just... Theo. He doesn't do much yet except hang out and look totally adorable!

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