Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Profile Pics

Sometimes it's funny to look back at old pictures and see how much you've changed. Since Facebook hit while I was in Grade 12, I can look back and see all my old profile pictures right from when I first created my account. The past 5 years have seen more changes in my life than at any other time, so here is a small sampling. My life, in Facebook profile pictures.

My grad photo. I'm 17 years old and had absolutely no appreciation for how skinny I was. Oh Grade 12 Emily... enjoy that 120lbs. And don't cut that lovely hair, you'll regret it a week later. 

Ah, prom. It's not as exciting as you think it's going to be. Still a fun night though, no regrets there!

Now, 18-year-old Emily, who is that fellow you're sitting quite close to after only 2 months of university? (Note: it's a Halloween Party. He really didn't dress like that in university! I on the other hand, actually did wear those earrings quite often...)

Only been dating a few months but had pictures done at Walmart for Christmas. How presumptuous of us. 

His graduation, right before he left to plant trees all summer while I worked at a remote tourist destination. We wrote letters. I didn't know it, but at the time this photo was taken he had already bought me a ring. Just took another three months to get it!

Both tanned from the summer spent working outdoors. So excited to be starting our life together!

Two months later. Married to the most wonderful man alive. Also, check out that waistline! Haven't seen that in a while...
Almost a year later. I'm 37 weeks pregnant with our first, our sweet Eli Allen. 

And there he is outside of my body. What an amazing experience to become a mother for the first time!

 And here he is turning one! An entire year shot by while I wasn't paying attention.

Pregnant again! Here's our little family, five weeks before number two.

And even though it seemed like he would NEVER come out, he finally did. Another precious boy, my little Theophilus Ian.

And lastly, a picture from just over a month ago. Our family of four. 

Even since the last picture was taken things have changed. Theo ditched the soother and almost doubled his weight. Eli started potty training, I've slimmed down (a little!) and Cory... well, actually he still looks the same!

I had no idea when I first created my Facebook account over 5 years ago what my life was going to have in store so very quickly, but I like that I can look back and remember. I wouldn't have chosen any other path, God's way was the best!

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  1. Sorry, I laughed out loud when I saw your first pregnancy picture! I looked *exactly* the same with both my babies! I usually 115 lbs but gained almost 60 with both (and then lost it again), and it all went straight to the stomach! Can you say Beach Ball?!?!?!