Friday, August 12, 2011


Just a quick post to get this off my mind - my latest thrifty endeavor for using the trimmings from preparing vegetables. Ever get tired of the waste when you're chopping veggies for a meal? I do. So I've started keeping a bag full of vegetable trimmings in the freezer, then when I make stock I can add it all in for a much more flavourful, nutritious stock. Honestly I could never stand putting whole carrots and onions in a chicken stock because it seemed like such a waste when you don't end up eating them. So now, when I cut up an onion for dinner I put the tops into the freezer bag. Same with carrot ends, celery, even the little woody part you cut off the end of a clove of garlic.

We love asparagus in this house but it hurts me to have to break off almost a third of the stalk because it's too woody. Now I can use it for stock! Same with leeks, you only use about half of a leek but the rest is great in vegetable stock. How about green onions, potato peelings, zucchini ends, kale stems - the possibilities are as numerous as the vegetables you use. And as yummy!

I had to leave you with this mental image - Eli is in full potty training mode (and doing quite well!) so he's trotting around the house naked from the waist down. I'm packing for our weekend at the camp, so I've been digging through closets for camping gear and he discovered my old stash of high-heeled shoes from my university days (needless to say these do not see any use anymore, I really must get around to giving them to someone who will wear them!). He's a little shoe obsessed right now, so he's doing his best to wobble around in mismatched heels in nothing but a t-shirt. It's so funny to watch! For modesty's sake I will refrain from posting a picture, and instead leave you with this image of the two brothers. They are so sweet together!

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