Saturday, September 3, 2011

Star Struck

I'll be posting soon about all my efforts to store up food this fall since things are now in season and so cheap. I'm hoping to save us some money (and keep BPA lined cans out of my cupboard!) over the winter by doing this now, but my days of late have been spent cooking, canning and processing so that's why the lack of posts!

For right now though I wanted to post briefly about our trip to PEI last weekend.

Blurry pic of my husband, my son... and Joshua Harris!

A confession: I've grown up in Nova Scotia, lived in New Brunswick for the past three years, and had never been to Prince Edward Island. I know, that's kind of embarrassing.

So when we found out that Grace Baptist Church in Charlottetown was hosting a Bible Conference and that they had gotten Joshua Harris to come speak, we were beyond excited. We packed up the two kids and drove the 4 hours to the island.

 Every time we stop Eli begs to be allowed to "drive" the car.

Even though Cory and I had very different upbringings, we were both influenced by Joshua Harris' books and teaching in our teen years. For Cory, his book I Kissed Dating Goodbye was the first Christian book he ever read (other than the Bible!) after becoming a Christian at 17. It had a huge impact on him, not just the perspective on dating and purity in relationships, but also just the idea of putting God foremost in your life and making your relationship with him your highest priority. I was taught to make my relationship with Christ central to my life from the time I was born, but it was a relatively new concept for Cory, written in a way that was clear and applicable to him. Turning his focus from girls to God was a huge help to his Christian walk and I'm very thankful for that, since I'm the beneficiary of this life change!

 We found a playground.

I too read I Kissed Dating Goodbye as a teenager, but I was younger when I read it, around 13 or 14 I think. It impacted me too, but the video series we did as a youth group, watching Josh speak and teach on the subject of dating and relationships, is what I remember most. His second book, Boy Meets Girl, was part of my homeschool curriculum one year and I really enjoyed it. Even though I did have a boyfriend all through highschool, my heart and my attitude about the purpose of dating was always in the right place, even if I was sometimes somewhat misguided. I knew why I was in a relationship (to pursue the possibility of marriage) and would never have considered dating someone who didn't meet the criteria.

 Stuck halfway down the slide.

After we were married, Cory and I both read Stop Dating the Church, which has since been rewritten and renamed Why Church Matters. Even though we were both already thoroughly convinced of the importance of the established church as the bride of Christ, it was a great reminder of why we believe that, and pointed out ways in which we don't always live out that belief.

 He LOVED this thing. I wasn't sure these were even legal anymore, I hadn't seen one since I was 5 or 6.

All this is just to say that... we were excited to go hear him speak, in person! And he did not disappoint. We were only able to attend two of the five sessions because of Cory's work and having to get back to our own church for Sunday, but they were two of the best messages I've ever heard. Convicting, interesting, and thoroughly Biblical. It was great to meet fellow Christians from PEI and beyond who had gathered to see him speak, and it was very cool just to be able to shake his hand and say hello, something neither of us ever thought we would get to do - especially here in the Maritimes! Since the sessions were just in the evening we were able to spend the day on Saturday exploring the island.

Enjoying one of the beautiful beaches in the National Park.

I apologize for these grainy, blurry cell phone pictures from the weekend. We did pack the camera, but it was in the suitcase and we kept forgetting to take it out!

 Water was lovely and warm.

All four of us had a wonderful time. PEI was amazingly beautiful, just like I've always been told. I'm looking forward to going back someday... maybe when the kids are older and don't require so many naps and diaper changes!

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