Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dresser Solution

My dresser gets messy. I don't know about your house, but in my bedroom for some reason I'll pick up the floor, make the bed, clean off the nightstands and then toss everything onto the dresser. Clutter happens. We don't have a closet in our bedroom, so the two dressers are full of clothes, with no room for any "stuff" in the drawers. So it all goes on top. I don't wear a ton of makeup, I don't have much fancy hair stuff and don't wear much jewelry, but somehow it just spreads itself all over and makes a mess. I was tired of it. I would clean it up and straighten everything, line it all up neatly, and it would stay like that for approximately 20 minutes.

I took a couple of before pictures. This is what my dresser looked like. Messy, huh?

Here's both dressers. I thought about at least shutting the bureau drawers before I snapped the photo but then decided to just leave it as is. More authentic that way.

And what, you ask, was the solution to this problem? A simple wicker basket I picked up at Superstore. It was half off, though still overpriced at $10.

I might have been able to find something cheaper at Value Village, but when every stop while shopping involves unbuckling a toddler, putting on my Ergo, unbuckling a baby and strapping him into the Ergo, going into the store, trying to keep the toddler from grabbing or running away while you're trying to pay, then back out to the car, strapping both kids back in... let's just say I'm currently a big fan of one stop shopping.

So I bought the basket, brought it home, cleared off items that didn't belong on the dresser in the first place but had been buried under stuff that DID belong there, and tossed everything into the basket. I didn't organize it or even try to make it all neat, I'm just being realistic here. I have no aspirations that the basket will stay neat and clean, all I want to do is make the dresser itself look a little more uncluttered. So here's the result:

Ahhh. So much better. An uncluttered space makes the room look ten times more put together. As long as I pick up the floor, make the bed, and sweep everything off the top of the dresser and into the basket every day, I feel like the bedroom is neat. And a neat and tidy bedroom makes a happy Mommy. And a happy Daddy, too!


  1. Welcome to "the shove basket" club. I have so many now that it's a practical joke around this house...irritating for some family members as they dig through each basket looking for gems :) I'm with you LOOKS much better!

  2. How wonderful! We all have natural places for clutter to gravitate at home..often I think, like in your bedroom, we are unable to fix it because we just have a difficult time figuring out how to better organize. I'm glad you found the basket, it looks great!

  3. Wow! Great transformation! I always do my hair in my bathroom these days so all of my hair stuff goes in those drawers. My dresser does get a bit cluttered with my foot warmer, nightly book, gloves, and anything else that just piles up during the week. Good job on working yours out!

  4. I think we all have a spot in our home that is the "hot spot" where we just dump stuff on! you did a great job cleaning yours:-)