Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Few Items

A while back I read a tip from a blogger that suggested every time you go to order something online, do a quick Google search to see if there's a coupon or promo code you can apply to the purchase. I thought, Huh, that's a good idea... and then never did it. Until today! I was ordering a Christmas present for my sister and figured why not. Turns out I found one, and got free shipping out of it. Saved myself $7.50, just with a few strokes on the keyboard. I'm now a believer, and will probably never buy anything online ever again without checking first for a coupon.

Oh, the present was for this sister:

Isn't she pretty? TOO pretty if you ask me. She's going to hate that I posted this picture. Her name is Ariel and someday I'm going to have a little girl and name her Ariel after her. That's Ariel as in "Are-ee-ell," like in the book of Isaiah, not Ariel as in "Air-ee-ell" like the mermaid. Poor girl has spent her whole life correcting people and now I'm going to doom another little girl to a life of correcting others.

Hmmm... that not-so-great photo of my sister inspired me to look through my picture folder and I'm finding some other not very attractive pictures. Let's see...

My parents! Phew, that's a bad one. They're much more attractive than that in person. Take my word for it.

My son! This is Eli. I can't even look at this picture without bursting out laughing.

And just to be fair...

Let's allow chubby, greasy-haired Mommy to make an appearance. AURGH! Ihadababytwomonthsago! Ineverhavetimetoshower! Itsabadcameraangle!

Sorry you had to see that.

Until next time something pops into my head...


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  1. LOL I love this. And who has time for a shower when there's cuddle time and play time to be had! Really! I know which one I would choose. You look great, by the way. And your littles are darling!