Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something New

I'm so excited to be announcing the launch of my newest endeavour - the Gourmet Mommy Facebook fan page!

See my fancy-schmancy splash page? I made that. All my myself! Nevermind that it took me half the day, I'm still super proud of myself. And I could not have done it without help.

Which brings me to my next announcement! To celebrate the launch of the Facebook page, Gourmet Mommy is having our first ever giveaway! I'm going to be giving away one free copy of my new favourite e-book, Blog Design on a Dime.

BUT... you have to wait until Monday. Check back then for your chance(s) to win! If you just can't wait, you can click on the banner below to get your own copy for just $4.99.

See you on Monday!

Blog Design on a Dime

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  1. I'm so impressed, Emily! Your welcome page is gorgeous! I'm off to "like" you right now. ...not that I don't already...;-)

  2. Ahh! I saw this somewhere else the other day and wanted it. Monday might be inconvenient for me though! ha! But if I am still sitting around here and am not in labour or in the hospital I will certainly participate and try to win this ebook!!

  3. No worries Amy, the giveaway will be open until Friday. Hopefully you aren't in the hospital for THAT long!

    1. Oh good!! I sure hope I am not in the hospital for that long either!!

  4. I love your face page, looking good :-)Great job mama!!!