Friday, February 24, 2012

Bedtime Blessings

It was a "pulling my hair out" kind of day today.

What can I say. Eli's two. I don't really believe in the "terrible twos," and he's not obnoxious or anything, he's just a very active little boy. He runs. He jumps. He shoots things. He's impetuous, and acts without thinking - like any two year old.

Ready for church

We got off to a rough start when I discovered that he'd finished off the bottle of children's vitamins while he was supposed to be putting silverware in the drawer. Thankfully there were only a few left in the bottle so nothing to worry about, but still exasperating.

Then a couple hours later he had an accident and wet his undies. He very rarely has accidents anymore, but they do still happen when he forgets to take the time to go. It wouldn't have been such a big deal except that he just so happened to be standing over his little brother at the time.

A happier moment

I came running to find Theo's hair soaked in urine. It was dripping down his face. One eye was bloodshot, and it was in his mouth. He wasn't upset about it, just a bit confused - I was fuming.

The day continued as it often does, with multiple "time outs" and other disciplining. We headed off to Awana after supper and the small break from my sweet little boy gave me a little perspective. The past few weeks he's been praised for his good behaviour in his class and this week was the same. I brought him home and got him ready for bed thankful that he's as relatively well behaved as he is.

As I tucked him in we prayed together. We thanked God for the day and for Awana, and prayed that Eli would be better able to listen to Mommy and Daddy so he wouldn't have so many time outs. When I finished, he spoke up. "Eli pway, Mommy?"

Of course I told him to go right ahead!

"Deah Gott. Fank you [another little boy at Awana]. Pwease him lisen, no have time outs. Jesus, Amen."

One of his friends at Awana had apparently had to have a time out this evening and Eli was concerned for him.

Cue my heart melting.

It was a rough day, but bedtime blessings make it all worthwhile. Remind me I said that when I'm pulling my hair out again tomorrow!

Two sweetest boys in the world.


  1. I understand this post, it's a sweet and difficult stage,but it will pass so fast that in non time you will laugh at those precious hard moments :-)

  2. aww :) I feel both your pain and your melting heart! Love your honesty. :-)

  3. Ah yes...I can so relate. What would be so *lovely* would be to say, "well, I no longer lose my temper, get frustrated..I just simply always enjoy these moments". You know what though? I would be a liar!

    I have grown MILES, and do tend to look at these situations with an exasperated sigh and a small smile and pause...and then an "ok, let's clean it up", but just the other day...worn out from a string of really bad behavior from Henry and Oliver (well, probably not that bad, but more bad than I could handle...more 2.5/18 month old in cahoots than I dealt with well) I yelled at loud and mean. Then I cried. Then I apologized to Henry. He patted my back and said, "it's OK mama..I yell too sometimes". Broke my own sin..ugh!

    Being a mother is HARD work..whether you have one or 6, being a caring parent really really makes us die to of the biggest gifts in being a parent, too!

    So sorry to ramble, but this post really touched me, as I can relate! God Bless, and thank the Lord for forgiving little hearts that can melt our own!

  4. This is so sweet! How is it that they do that? Just exasperate you to death, then carve a piece of your heart out with their sweetness? Gotta love kids. =) Enjoyed reading this...brought back memories of when my kiddos were younger. Kristina J.