Monday, February 13, 2012

My Skirt-Wearing Secrets

I'm really getting into this skirt-wearing thing.

Now don't worry, I'm not going to go all "churn my own butter" on you.

Except wait... I do churn my own butter sometimes.


I call skirt-wearing my "Little House on the Prairie Syndrome." When I wear a skirt, I work harder at my housework. I know it's all in my head, but it still happens. There's something so domestic about it. So ladylike. So comfy.

At least it is now that I've discovered my favourite trick for winter skirt wearing! More about that later...

skirt - Smart Set

Just wanted to show you my "outfit of the day." We're going to the museum later today (free for the month of February!), but this is also something I would just wear around the house. Minus the shoes - I'm usually barefoot whenever possible.

I feel like the glasses and the nose ring keep me from descending into frumpy mommy-fashion. The nose piercing was a slightly rebellious eighteen-year-old decision. I say slightly rebellious because while I may not have had my parent's approval, I did have their permission. Lucky for me Cory LOVES it, so it stays for the time being.

Oxfords - Ardene ($3)
I love these cheapo shoes.

But I promised I would share my favourite winter skirt-wearing tip. Men-folks: I'm about to talk about ladies undergarments. Go away.

My problem with skirts in the winter has never been the skirts themselves, but the tights underneath. I'm not exactly a tall woman (5' 6"), and I'm definitely not a large woman, so why - for goodness sake - won't tights stay up on me? They slip! They slide! I'm constantly hitching (which is far from ladylike). Honestly this is probably the main reason I only tolerate a skirt or dress for a few short hours on Sunday morning and then pull my jeans back on as soon as I get home from church. I can't stand the constant feeling of losing my tights!

But I've found a solution! A pair of those high-waisted, "slimming" underwear pulled on over the tights. I just bought a cheap pair and don't really find that they're very slimming, but they sure hold my tights up! I love them. I feel like a whole new world of wardrobe choices has opened up to me now that I don't have to worry about hiking up my tights constantly.

So that's what I've been wearing lately. I feel comfy, feminine, and still a little funky. I am only 22, after all.

Check out my Style pinboard for more outfits that I love and/or am inspired by.

What's your style? Do you have any favourite tips for making your clothes comfier? Do you have a style board on Pinterest for me to check out? Leave a comment!



  1. This post made me laugh, not so much at you, but at myself! I do the exact same thing! It makes wearing tights just that more comfortable! Awesome idea Em!

  2. Hilarious! Tights drive me crazy, too. I just wear them on Sundays. Otherwise, I wear leggings under my skirt and boots w/socks. You're a cutie!

  3. So glad I found your blog. I also have just started wearing skirts full-time, and living in a cold climate doesn't always make that easy. I am 5'10", so I DEFINITELY know what you mean about the sliding tights. I HATE IT! I will try your solution for sure, but let me share my secret as well:) I like to wear fleece-lined leggings, which actually are just like tights only even warmer. I have found that because they are footless, they never slide down. You can find some here: When I wear them out, I add a pair of tall socks and boots. Thank's for the advice!

  4. I agree with the working a little harder in a skirt. I'm the same way haha

  5. We put panties over top of our little girls tights, too because if I cannot stand the sagging, I'm sure they can't either! :) We wear skirts full time and wear leggings or tights in the winter. You have learned our trick! panties on the outside. In the summer, we wear shorts under our skirts!

  6. this post made me smile because I totally understand the 5 foot 6 not that huge, can't seams to have tights staying on me thing so well! I'll have to try your trick :-) I did buy some bloomers (you know like the thing little girls wear under their dresses) and wearing that with long knee high sock seamed to work for me, but still your idea seam good too :-)

    I find that wearing a apron, make me do my chores better, faster and with a cheerful heart. Sometime I just want try to wear a vintage apron, high heels, pearl necklace and red lipstick and a hoover vacuum,you know "just because" :-)

    But I am usually barefoot or wearing flat shoes, the last time I had make-up on was I think was on our wedding day (my husband not a real big fan of make-up) but apron makes me feel more domestic,just something about it :-)

  7. Found your blog from the bloghop at Growing Home. Love your sharing of your skirt wearing experiences. I much prefer skirts, but am making a slow progress towards wearing them more. I seem to get stuck with pairing the right shoe with skirts and that issue of the awkward ankle. hah. I have to agree with you that there is something about putting on a skirt [or apron] that puts you in better motivation to get the housework done! :)
    -Whitney @ Reviving Homemaking

  8. Skirts do not AT ALL make me feel more productive around the house. I find them SO uncomfortable to do housework in! I can rock a skirt to church or work (in the summer, when I'm not giant and pregnant) but it comes off the moment I walk in the front door.

    But, what do I know? I am so many steps away from being fashionable these days. I don't even have a nose ring to de-frump me! :)

  9. Ok so I have fallen in love with you. Please don't delete my comment; I"m not being a creeper :-)

    I so have Little House Syndrome. My favorite show growing up was LHOTP. Looking back I realize now that they love and sense of family and moral values is what drew me to the Ingalls family. There is something about a skirt that is feminine. I agree too with Whitney above that a skirt or apron make housework seem so....right, so purposeful.

    About 8 months ago I bought three skirts at the thrift store ($6.00 for 3 skirts; one Gap denim! score!!) and I wore them on and off to work and church and secretly here at the house when no one was here but me and baby. I couldn't stand the "oh your going Mennonite on us" looks and comments from people - I wasn't yet prepared for that (not sure if I still am)

    Then cold weather came and I put the skirts on hold. I too don't like the tights falling to your knees feeling. Undies tip is great! I have some of them.....Now I need some tights :-)

    Thank you for your honesty.

    Blessings - Danielle ~ More Than Four Walls
    ps - found you through A Wise Woman link up!

  10. I believe wearing a skirt puts you more in the mind of being domestic and as women we shine in that role even when all we do is try. There is so much to learn and at times we don't know where to begin, but if our heart is pointed in that direction, God gives us grace.

    We love skirts and feel completely hideous and inappropriate in jeans/pants unless we're out riding the horses. The beginning transition was sketchy at best, but our hearts were pointed in the right direction. Now, a few years down the road, wearing a pair of pants/jeans feels itchy, extremely revealing, and pants always have to be either pulled up or pulled out of places they don't belong.

    Skirts hints: #1 During the warmer months, don't wear tights. #2 During the cooler months, purchase some long johns. There are several places to purchase feminine and extremely comfy long johns called Cuddle Duds. We have several colors to match our skirts. We then tuck them into our socks and they look like tights. We wear long skirts, so this works for us. They wouldn't work for high heels or slinky church shoes, but throw on a pair of dress up boots and you are good to go! They are much warmer than tights without the terrible sliding feeling or having to hitch them up all the time. And did I say comfy? We never wear tights, I don't even have any.

    And for those you are not comfortable with the comments from people, it wears off with time. They end up loving you for you and for being who you "want" to be. They also look up to you and begin to ask sincere questions from being truly interested because they don't have the strength "yet" to do what you've done. It takes strength to dress the way you want to. The easy road is dressing to blend in like the world. We are not called to blend in, but to be set apart. That includes how we dress. Skirts are extremely feminine and there are so many styles for a wide range of taste. Some like the prairie look, others like the Boho look and some like the skinny look. Whatever your taste, there are skirts out there for it.

  11. you are so awesome!!! I think the skirt would help cause jeans are so tight and restricting. Plus the way they are made these days you feel like your crack is always hanging out so of course you don't want to be bend over scrubbing the floor while your feeling uncomfortable that your back side is showing.

    Your hair is so long now Emily and we should meet up for a date at the museum this month with the kids.

  12. Just curious. Do you wear a slip under any of your skirts or dresses?